Papillon (1973)


Papillon (1973)

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[can also be deconstructed with Dega as the Supernatural Aid]

FADE IN: context: penal colony.

Goodbye to the Ordinary World and Ordinary Self: forget France; France has disowned you.

On a Journey: picking up their suitcases.

Creatures of the Ordinary World: the people watching in the streets.

Pushed out of the Ordinary World: the police force the convicts on.

Meeting the Loyal Ally: Louis Dega.

Romantic Challenge: Dega's wife.

Meeting the Hero: Papillion ["Papi"]

No Way Back: no you won't.

Meeting the Mentor: no you won't.

World of the Mentor: in the ship.

Hero's Capabilities / Danger / Warning: Papillon has a knife.

On a Journey / Pushed Forward: the boat sails.

Hero's Capabilities: Papi shoves money up his ass.

Symbol of Transformation: the butterfly tattoo.

Hero's Backstory: you're papillon; you killed a pimp; I'm innocent.

Mentor's Backstory: he spent nine years there.

Danger of the Journey and Transformation: 40% in the first year.

Ally's Backstory: Dega was the best counterfeiter.

Call to Adventure / Hero and Ally Polarization: you need protection.

Refusal: Dega doesn't think much of Papi.

This World: the hose down.

Foreshadow of the Transformation: I won't go to solitary; nothing personal.

Unbearable Antagonism: the dead man is killed and robbed.

Overcoming the Refusal: ok, I need protection.

Conscious Decision: Papi saves Degas' life.

Warning: Papi tied up like a dog.

First Threshold from Afar: looking at the islands.

Warning: you can't get away, the sharks, the current.

Threshold Guardians: the convicts turned guards.

First Threshold Marker: crossing the bridge.

Physical Change: he cuts himself to go to hospital.

Creatures of the First Threshold: the prostitutes; the integrated convicts; the people of the island.

Outer Cave:

Authority Figure: the warden.

Rules: the guillotine figure.

Meeting Allies: the old man wants 2100 to escape work.

Death: the beheading.

Resisting the Middle Cave: hoping the bribe will mean avoiding work.

Pushed to the Middle Cave: my family lost everything.

Middle Cave:

In Kilo 40.

Having to catch the croc.

Guards make money from the croc.

Inner Cave:

Clusiot shares antimalaria.

The dead convict. Sharing his food.

Polarization: Papi hisses at the converted convicts.

Push to the Belly of the Whale: I can get a boat.

World of the Belly of the Whale: catching butterflies.

Allies Nature: Dego catches the butterfly with his hands.

Warning: the butterfly man threatens to turn them in.

Pushed to the Transformation and Trials: if I don't go I'll die.

Pursued to the Transformation and Trials: Papi saves Dega's life and runs.

Polarization Decreases / Transformation: that man risked his life to save mine; for me that's a new experience.

Forced to the Road of Trials: Papi is double crossed and captured.

Trials and Transformation 1:

New World of the Transformation: Reclusion.

Transformation Mentor: our job is to process you, to break you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Rules: masturbate as little as possible etc.

Outer Cave:

Marker of Transformation: counting 5 steps to start.

Resisting the Transformation: we eat everything we get; press ups.

Marker / Foreshadow of the Transformation: how do I look?

Polarization Decreases / Transformation: Dega sends a coconut.

Time Shift: the old man next door is gone.

Resisting the Transformation: I'm still here you bastards.

Physical Change: the bat bites the leg.

Middle Cave:

Forced to Transform: the warden wants to know who sent the coconut; half rations and no light.

Push to the New Self: I accuse you of a wasted life; the penalty is death.

MIDPOINT: Developing Characters and Relationships / Decreased Polarization: Dega worried that Papi will tell; I would.

Transforming: laughing in the rain.

Inner Cave:

Resisting the Transformation: I don't get hungry; I was born skinny.

Transformed: now 13 steps.

Transformed: how do I look; you look swell.

Acceptance: Papillon calls the Mentor.

Death to the Old Self: you're dead.

Trials and Transformation 2:

Outer Cave: taken to hospital.

The gay boy doctor and the turnkey.

Transforming: getting stringer; Dega sends soup.

Developing Characters and Relationships: listen my friend, you owe me nothing.

Developing Characters and Relationships: the turnkey puts a flower in the boy's mouth.

Pushed to the Middle Cave: Clusiot tells Papi that Dega has arranged an escape.

Middle Cave:

Papi will kill the X-ray doctor if he double-crosses him.

Resisting the Inner Cave: you think I'm a whore, well I'm not.

Overcoming Resistance: Papillon agrees to him [the boy] coming along.

Resistance: Papi wants Dega to come along, but he won't.

Romantic Challenge: what do you think your wife is doing with the lawyer and all that money.

Inner Cave: escaping from the turnkey and over the wall.

Forced to the Inner Cave: Dega saves Papi's life.

Physical Change: Dega breaks his leg; setting his leg.

No Reward: The boat is a dud.

Trials and Transformation 3:

Outer Cave: the tattoo man appears.

Push to the Middle Cave: taken to the leper colony; hesitating at the door.

Inner Cave: with the lead leper; smoking his cigar.

Reward: the boat and money.

Meeting the Oracle: only a few weeks to Honduras.

Journey to the Sword: on the boat to Honduras.

Trial to the Sword: getting gangrene and operating.

Seizing the Sword: arriving in Honduras.

Separation: Dega left behind.

Forced to the Night Sea Journey: running with the other convict.

Near Death Experience: poison darts from the Indians.

Baptism: falling in the water.

Reward: waking up with the idyllic tribe.

Sexual Union: getting a girl.

New Self / Physical Change: the chief gets a tattoo.

Forced to the Atonement with the Father: the tribe leaves and Papi seeks refuge with the nuns.

Apotheosis: leaving the five years of solitary confinement; the sharks take the dead.

Convergence: Dega sees Papi on the island.

Magic Flight: taken to the island.

Denial: Dega runs from Papi.

Magic Flight: Papi pursues Dega.

Rescue from Without: the coconut drifts out to sea.

Crossing the Return Threshold: testing the bag of coconuts.

Final Antagonism: the coconuts bash the rocks.

Master of the Two Worlds: it happens every seventh wave.

Goodbye: hugging.

Freedom to Live: Papillon floats to freedom.

Fade out: Papi outlives the colony.


by Kal Bashir