Before applying for any of the services listed below, you are advised to develop a detailed understanding of the 2100+ stage Hero's Journey / Transformation / New World template.


a) Video conferencing / Zoom / FaceTime / WhatsApp / Skype sessions / workshops, one-to-one etc

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b) Advanced Film Deconstructions / Roadmaps

If you're using an existing film as a template for your story, then you need to see how that film works "under the hood."

Follow these steps:

First you MUST buy and carefully read 2100+ stage Hero's Journey / Transformation / New World template. Without this, you will not understand the concepts and terminology. This is a mandatory pre-requisite and we will not proceed with your order unless you have first bought it and agreed that you have thoroughly accepted the principles contained therein.

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Email the name of your film to (this film should not be too obscure, in other words, if we haven't already got it, then it should be easily purchased at a major store in the US or Europe. Please include the year it was made and any other information (imdb link, actors etc) that may prevent confusion with another film or a remake.

Wait for us to contact you (within 72 hours, usually much sooner).

You may want to email us before placing your order to enquire a) how long your order will take, b) which film is best suited to your purpose - tell us a little bit about what you're writing.