Good Night and Good Luck (Academy Award Nominee Best Film, 2005)


Good Night and Good Luck (Academy Award Nominee Best Film, 2005)

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FADE IN: Creatures in the Ordinary World / Allies and Enemies in the Ordinary World: the dinner; photographs etc.

Hero's Backstory and Status: the introduction onto stage.

Loop / Meeting the Hero: Murrow makes a speech.

Ordinary World: the lift; studio etc.

Context: narration.

Time Pressure: give me about a half an hour.

Two attractive people in the copy room.

Antagonism: having to sign the Loyalty Offer; if I don't sign it they'll fire me.

Antagonism: McCarthy speaking on film.

Meeting the Herald / Supernatural Aid: Fred gives directions; get out there and make some news.

Call to Adventure: lets investigate Milo.

Refusal: it's not McCarthy.

Refusal: Milo on film; Sig worried about the sponsors and his superiors.

Overcoming Refusal: Sig gives the go-ahead.

Sacrifice: I'll cover the loss of ads with Fred.

Warning: the colonels try to restrain Fred.

Conscious Decision: we got the film.

First Threshold:

Outer Cave: Murrow goes on air with the Milo issue.

Celebrating the crossing: cheers in the studio; the jazz singer.

Passing the Trial: the Liberace interview; Kent continues its advertising.

Middle Cave / Meeting the Shape Shifter: meeting Don; his wife left him; he's a Pinko.

Inner Cave: did you know Murrow was a communist.

Pushed to the Belly of the Whale: called to Paley's office.

Belly of the Whale: the meeting with Paley.

Physical Separation: we're going after McCarthy; if there is any skeleton in your closet, let us know now.; here we go.

Trial and Transformation 1:

Antagonism: McCarthy on film again.

Warning / Developing Characters and Relationships: Joe and Shirley are married; she's worried.

Paley phones; he's on Murrow's side.

Murrow goes on air and attacks McCarthy.

Waiting for the phones to ring. They're turned on and ring.

Trial and Transformation 2:

Don backs up Murrow on air.

Developing Characters and Relationships: I think everyone needs a scotch.

Reading from the early editions; it is Don that is attacked.

Fred meets Paley in the lift; no to specific persons doing McCarthy's rebuttal.

Milo is reinstated.

Trial and Transformation 3:

The CBS lawyers want to talk to Tom.

Annie Lee Moss on film; in the senate hearing.

Deciding what the show is;

Meeting the Oracle: McCarthy wants April 6.

Foreshadow of the Near Death / Rebirth: Don is worried.

Annie Lee Moss in the senate hearing; McCarthy leaves and the other senator objects to the action I don't like to try people by hearsay evidence.

Journey to the Sword: preparing for and introducing McCarthy's rebuttal.

Seizing the Sword:

McCarthy's rebuttal.

Foreboding: Paley walking in the studio at night.

Foreshadow for the boon: Alcoa advert

Murrow responds to McCarthy's rebuttal.

Senate is investigating McCarthy.

Near Death Experience: Don killed himself.

Reward: Murrow mentiosn Don on his newscast.

Atonement with the Father: McCarthy in the army hearings.

Apotheosis: everyone knows that Joe and Shirley are married.

Ultimate Boon: Murrow and Fred are given an hour long programme on Sunday afternoons; lets do our first show about the downfall of television.

Antagonsim Resolution: McCarthy remains a Senator.

FADE OUT: Loop / Murrow's speech.


by Kal Bashir