Shine (Academy Award Nominee, Best Film 1996)


Shine (Academy Award Nominee, Best Film 1996)

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Grown David

FADE IN: Context: Meeting the Hero: Adult David speaking to himself in his way.

Loop: Meeting the Hero: David let into the bar and driven home.

Referencing the Antagonist: Daddy (Peter).

Young David

Hero's Capabilities: David is going to play the piano.

Meeting the Antagonist: Peter says he will play Chopin.

Chosen by the Mentor: Rosen spots David's talent.

Hero and Antagonist relationship: he's my son.

Hero's Ordinary World: David at home with family.

Antagonist's Backstory: when I was a boy I had a violin.

Pushed to the First Threshold by the Mentor: Rosen arrives.

Call to Adventure: David could be very successful with the right music teacher.

Refusal: Herald pushed out of the house.

Elixir: Rachmaninov; the hardest piece in the world.

Foreshadow of the Journey: one day you will make me very proud; we are going to win.

Pushed to the First Threshold: David's father takes him to see Rosen.

Threshold Guardian: Rosen won't teach him Rachmaninov, but will teach what he thinks is right.

Grown David

Foreshadow of the Resolution / Hero's Ordinary World: Sylvia takes grown David into his room.

Young David

Successfully Crossing the First Threshold: David wins the prize; offered a scholarship in America.

Hero's Ordinary World: David at home again.

Resisting the Physical Separation: David's Dad has no money to send him to America.

Foreshadow of Mentor's Magical Gift: We'll raise it through a Bar Mitzwah.

Mentor pushes the Physical Separation: Rosen tries to convince David's mother.

Developing Characters and Relationships: if you want to go to America you have to be fit and strong like me.

Magical Gift: Raising the money at the Bar Mitzvah.

Developing the Antagonist: Peter at home, discussing 'these people' with his wife.

Foreshadow of the Physical Separation: looking at pictures of David's achievements.

Hero's Romantic Challenge: the girl in the library.

Meeting Mentor 2: Katharine.

Interdiction: Peter doesn't allow David to go to America.

Developing the Antagonism: Peter beats David.

Mentor and Antagonist Confrontation; mentor Hawk and Antagonist Interdiction: at the synagogue; Rosen bangs on the door.

Hero and Antagonist confrontation: it is a terrible thing to hate your father.

Grown David

David looking at the letter to America.

Young David

Mentor's Guidance: David plays for Katherine.

Punishment for Refusing the Journey: David loses the competition.

Mentor's Guidance: David gets a scholarship for the Royal College of Music in London.

Interdiction: "…and you think you can do as you please…"; Peter beats up David; will never speak to him again if he goes.

Breaking the Interdiction: David leaves.

Goodbye to the Old World: Peter burns the pictures.

World of the Transformation: London; Royal College of Music.

Mentor spots a Hero: I see genius in him.

Meeting Mentor 3: Cecil Parkes.

Outer Cave / Mentor's Guidance / Transformation 1: Cecil guides David.

Middle Cave / Transformation 2: Meeting Allies: David's pals.

Link with the Old World / Developing Characters and Relationships: David sends tape recordings to Katherine.

Pulled into the Inner Cave: the competition; David wants to play the Rach 3.

Preparing for the Inner Cave: learning the Rach 3 under Cecil's guidance.

Severing links with the Old World: Katherine dies.

Inner Cave Reward: With Cecil in the Mausoleum.

Inner Cave: David plays the Rach 3 to a standing ovation and falls.

Returning to the Old World: Daddy I'm home; Peter puts the phone down.

Grown David

World of the Sword: Susie comes to see David in the Institution.

Foreshadow of the Sword: David is drawn to the piano.

Resistance to the Sword: the nurse drags David away.

Pushed Forward: David sits at the piano.

Guardians of the Sword: Peter meets Beryl at the piano; Beryl takes David home; Beryl can't handle David and he moves into his room.

Seizing the Sword: David at his own piano in his own room; learns to play again.

Loop: back at the bar.

David's own piano is locked.

Seizing the Sword: David enters the bar and plays the piano to applause; David becomes a local star.

Near Death Experience : Peter turns up; "..goodnight Daddy.."

Meeting the Romantic Challenge: Gillian arrives.

Goddess' Challenge: she's due to be married to an investment advisor.

Atonement with the Father: pictures of Roger writing to Cecil; watching Roger in concert.

Apotheosis: Gillian leaves; David asks Gillian to marry her; ask the stars.

Ultimate Boon: Gillian asks the stars; the marriage; the celebration; in bed.

Crossing the Return Threshold: time to go…first concert in years.

Master of Two Worlds: David gets a rapturous round of applause at his concert; Rosen, family et al are there.

Freedom to Live: Daddy dies; he doesn't feel anything.


by Kal Bashir