Omen (1976)


Omen (1976)

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FADE IN: Introduce the Hero: Robert Thorn in his way to hospital.

Inciting Incident: The baby is dead.

Call to Adventure : "you can adopt."

Refusal : "she wanted her own…"

Overcoming Refusal: seeing the orphan baby; "your wife need never know," "God has given you a son today…"

Consciously agreeing to the Journey: Katherine gets the baby.

Hero's Ordinary World: at the US Embassy.

Pushed to the First Threshold: Robert gets the Great Britain Ambassadorship.

Celebrating the Journey: Robert and Katherine rejoice.

New World of the First Threshold : their new house; English parks.

Foreshadow of the Transformation: Damien disappears by the river.

Meeting Allies and Enemies: the dog and Keith Jennings.

Rules of this World: the nanny kills herself.

Foreshadow of the Sword: Keith Jennings takes photos; the dog.

Foreshadow of the Sword: Robert bumps into Keith Jennings, "…please send me a bill for the damage…"

Threshold Guardian to the Mentor: secretary tells Robert that Father Brennan is waiting.

Meeting the Mentor : Robert meets Father Brennan in his office.

Resisting the Physical Separation: Robert throws Brennan out of the office.

Foreshadow of the Sword: Keith Jennings develops the photos.

Push toward the Physical Separation: Mrs Baylock arrives.

Resisting the Push toward the Physical Separation: "I thought you put enquired about a new Governess?" Getting Mrs Baylock's references.

Foreshadow of the Transformation: "don't worry little one, I am here to protect thee…"

Resisting the Push toward the Physical Separation: Mrs Baylock doesn't want Damien to go to Church.

Push toward the Physical Separation: Damien won't go into the church.

Resisting the Push toward the Physical Separation: "should we get a doctor to see him?" "Oh, no he is fine."

Push toward the Physical Separation: Robert finds the dog with Mrs Baylock.

Pushed to the Physical Separation: Damien at the zoo; the giraffe's run.

Reminder of the Physical Separation: Robert sees Father Brennan.

Push toward the Physical Separation: Damien in the zoo; the baboons attack.

Agreeing to the Physical Separation: Katherine wants a psychiatrist.

Agreeing t the Physical Separation: Father Brennan arranges a meeting after the rugby game.

Foreshadow of the Sword: Keith Jennings takes a picture of Brennan and develops the photo.

Physical Separation: Robert visits Father Brennan by the river; Brennan tells him that Katherine is pregnant and that Damien will not let it live.

Resisting the Transformation: "I never want to see you again."

Antagonism Made Explicit: Brennan dies.

Road of Trials:

Trial 1: Katherine is irate; she doesn't want to have any more children; she wants an abortion.

Overcoming Resistance: Robert sees a picture of the dead Father Brennan in the paper.

Trial 2: The Doctor wants to abort.

The Ideal: "it was foretold this baby would die, I want to prevent that…"

Trial 3: Katherine has a miscarriage.

Final Antagonism: Katherine in the hospital; "don't let him kill me…"

Pushed Toward the Sword: Robert find the dog still upstairs.

Meeting the Oracle : Keith Jennings calls; Robert sees the photos in Keith's apartment; they visit Brennan's apartment; 666.

Pushed toward the Sword: Mrs Horton et al have left; Mrs Baylock has sent the dog away (allegedly).

Journey to the Sword: Robert and Keith in Rome.

Resistance to the Sword: no records of the adoption; the fire burnt the hall of records; Spiletto is in a monastery.

Pushing toward the Sword: driving to Spiletto.

Pushing toward the Sword: interpreting the poem in Revelations.

Threshold Guardian to the Sword: Robert and Keith visit Father Spiletto in the monastery.

Foreboding of the Seizing of the Sword: the dogs; someone watching.

Seizing the Sword : Robert and Keith uncover the Jackal's skeleton and Robert's murdered baby.

Physical Transformation: Robert is injured during the dog pursuit.

Preparing to leave the Old World: Robert phones Katherine and asks her to get ready to leave.

Rebirth through Death : Mrs Baylock kills Katherine.

Reward: Keith finds the town; Robert remembers the poem and Bugenhagen.

Transformation complete: Robert wants Damien to die too; new physical face; New Self.

Atonement with the Father: Robert meets Bugenhagen and is given the knives to kill Damien; find the 666 somewhere on the body.

Refusal : Robert "won't kill a child."

Overcoming Refusal: Keith is murdered.

Crossing the Return Threshold : Robert flies back home with the knives.

Threshold Guardian to the Apotheosis: Robert locks up the dog.

Apotheosis : Robert finds the 666 in Damien's hair.

Ultimate Boon : Robert battles and kills Mrs Baylock.

Magic Flight : Robert pursued by the Police.

Master of Two Worlds : Robert takes Damien into the Church but is shot dead.

Freedom to Live : Robert's funeral; Damien is free to live.


by Kal Bashir