Manhatten (1979)


Manhatten (1979)

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FADE IN: Context: pictures of Manhattan; a writer; versions of chapter 1.

Meeting the Hero in his Ordinary World: Isaac and Tracy with Yale and his wife.

Hero's Inner Challenge: second ex-wife writing a book about the break up.

Hero's frustration with his Ordinary World: "...I'm dating someone that does homework..."

Interdiction: Yale really likes Mary.

Developing the Loyal Ally: Yale happy in his Ordinary Word; he wants to stay in Manhattan to date.

Hero's Inner Challenge: Isaac talks to his ex-wife.

Hero's pushing out of his Ordinary World: Tracy thinks she's in love with Isaac; he tries to dissuade her.

Call to Adventure : Isaac meets Mary with Yale at the museum.

Developing the Romantic Challenge: Mary talking as they walk.

Refusal : who the hell does she think she is?

Hero's breaks from his Ordinary World: Isaac quits from the TV studio.

Resisting the First Threshold: Isaac worried about not having any money now that he's quit.

Creatures of the First Threshold: the MOMA opening speech.

First Threshold : Isaac meets Mary at the MOMA party.

Developing the Goddess: Isaac with Mary after the party.

Pushing toward the Physical Separation: "..are you going to stay with Yale?"

Pushing toward the Physical Separation: "..want to take a walk by the river…"

Developing the Interdiction: Isaac phones Yale to see of he is still into Mary.

Goddess making a break from her Ordinary World: Mary trying to get away from Yale.

Developing the Hero's Inner Challenge: Isaac goes to see his ex-wife; are you still going to write that book?

Developing the Hero: Isaac takes his kid out for the day.

Pushed to the Physical Separation: Yale can't get away from his wife.

Physical Separation : Mary calls Isaac; wanna go out.

Warning: the storm.

Celebrating the Crossing: Isaac and Mary laugh.


Trial 1 [Goddess]: Goddess dissatisfied with her Ordinary World: I am really disappointed with Isaac.

Pushing the Transformation: wanna go out next week?

Resisting the Transformation: I don't think it is a good idea.

Trial 1 [Hero]: Isaac thinks it's a good idea that Tracy goes to London.

Riding a horse carriage in Manhattan.

Trial 2 [Goddess]: Goddess dissatisfied with her Ordinary World: In Mary's apartment; she shouldn't be going out with a married man.

Pushing the Transformation: New World: Isaac moves into his new apartment.

Trial 2 [Hero]: Isaac doesn't want Tracy in the apartment.

Trial 3 [Goddess]: Yale breaks up with Mary.

Pushing the Transformation: Mary goes over to Isaac's apartment.

Trial 3 [Hero]: Tracy has noodles in Isaac's apartment.

Meeting the Oracle: Encouraged to Seize the Sword: Yale tells Isaac to give Mary a call.

Journey to the Sword: Mary and Isaac out in Manhattan.

Guardians of the Sword: Isaac kisses Mary in her apartment; Mary resists.

Seizing the Sword: in the museum; driving home after the restaurant; back in Mary's apartment.

Rebirth through Death: Isaac breaks up with Tracy over ice cream; he loves somebody else.

Isaac alone in his apartment now.

Reward: Isaac and Mary go out to the country; Isaac and Mary after sex; romance in their apartments; rowing.

Pushed to the Atonement: we never see you anymore; when will we get a chance to meet her.

Resisting the Atonement: asking Yale if it's OK to bring Mary around.

Atonement with the Father: Mary meets Yale again; uncomfortable at the concert.

Developing Characters and Relationships: this city is really changing.

Apotheosis: Mary meets her ex husband; "…this thing is really subjective…"

Foreshadow of the Return: Yale calls; Mary picks up.

Ultimate Boon: Viking Books really like Isaac's first four chapters; I bought the car; the trip in the new car.

Disgust: they find the ex-wife's book.

Magic Flight: Isaac confronts his ex-wife; I came here to strangle you; an interest in this book for a movie sale.

Rescue from Without: Mary tells Isaac she's still in love with Yale; Isaac goes to see Yale in Uni.

Time Shift.

Rescue from Without: seeing Emily; he shouldn't have let Tracy go.

Crossing the Return Threshold: Isaac analyses himself; tape recorder; getting the harmonica; running back.

Master of Two Worlds: seeing Tracy before she leaves.



by Kal Bashir