Chopper (2100)


Chopper (2100)

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FADE IN: [Loop]: Meeting the (anti) Hero: Chopper watching the TV news about himself.

Credits / Context: the prison photos / shots.

Call to Adventure: Keithy warns Chopper to stay on his side.

Meeting the Shape Shifter: Chopper asks Jimmy what Keith has done to his hair.

Refusal: Hero and Shape Shifter relationship: Jimmy tries to dissuade Chopper from taking on Keith and the Dockers.

Hero's Capabilities / Conscious Decision: Chopper cuts Keithy; you bash people just to make a name for yourself.

Meeting the Mentor: Chopper meets the Lieutenants.

Warning of the Journey: Bluey cries because the Dockers have to get revenge now.

Pushed to the First Threshold: the Warden tells Chopper there's a contract out on him.

Resisting the Outer Cave: Chopper has a plan; he'll make paraplegics of all of them; Jimmy doesn't want a part of it.

Outer Cave: Jimmy stabs Chopper but he doesn't die.

Middle Cave: Chopper in hospital; doesn't believe that Jimmy made a statement against him.

Resisting the Inner Cave: Chopper back in the cells; Chopper, Bluey and Jimmy talk over the walls; Chopper doesn't care.

Developing the Shape Shifter and Hero relationship: Jimmy defends himself in court.

Inner Cave: Chopper makes the news and Jimmy doesn't; the other inmates have it in for him.

Belly of the Whale: Chopper asks to be moved out of H-division; Beasley refuses.

Physical Separation: Chopper cuts his ears; gets moved from H-division.

World of the Trials and Transformation:

New Self: Chopper a bigger man released from prison; walking the streets.

Trial and Transformation 1:

Romantic Challenge: Chopper takes heroine with Tanya.

Transformation Mentor / backstory: Chopper comes home to his Dad.

Chopper and Tanya walk to the club; the bouncers let him in.

Neville taps on Chopper's shoulder in the bar; sorry about the leg.

Chopper wants to "nip it in the bud;" Neville's OK, he's flying.

Chopper catches the Turk talking to Tanya.

Chopper drags Tanya out and pulls a gun on Neville.

Chopper wants to make a go it in Tasmania; Tanya leaves Chopper in the car.

Tanya won't let Chopper in.

Chopper bashes the car.

Chopper breaks in.

Chopper beats up Tanya.

Trial and Transformation 2:

Chopper makes up a story to Mr Downey et al; puts out the word that they've given him a free hand.

Chopper rings Neville's bell; Neville lets him in but it's his rules.

Neville shows Chopper the dogs.

Chopper wants Neville to throw a bit of money his way; he shoots Neville.

Chopper tells the story to Mr Downey; pulls his cock out for Tanya; is told that they have contract out on him and that Jimmy's the one who's going to do it outside Bojangles.

Trial and Transformation 3:

Chopper visits Jimmy in his flat; Jimmy resists.

Jimmy lets him in as long as he disarms.

Meeting Mandy and the kids.

Chopper pulls a gun on Jimmy.

Chopper leaves and gives him some money; Jimmy calls Neville.

The doesn't want the Turk to buy him beer.

Chopper agrees to be bought beers and is taken outside.

Chopper shoots the Turk.

Jimmy et al are in the car park.

Atonement: Chopper tells the cops but they don't believe him. Chopper's Dad thought it was him; well done for shooting him in the head.

Apotheosis: Mandy testifies; Jimmy set him up.

Chopper beats the charge but is still given 5 years.

Ultimate Boon:

Chopper interviewed.

Chopper gets famous for the Bojangles hit.

Chopper gets a fan club; Bucky has the same tattoo.

Chopper's written a best selling book and he can't even spell.

Loop: Alienation: Chopper left alone in the cell.

FADE OUT: Chopper finally gets a farm in Tasmania.


by Kal Bashir