Elizabethtown (2005)


Elizabethtown (2005)

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Fade In: starts strong (communicates salient information immediately): shoes recalled.

Introduce Hero (Drew Baylor) in his Ordinary World, which he is unwelcome in. Tangible representation of the Ordinary World (Ellen).

Foreshadow of the Journey: we meet Drew's family around the table.

Back-story of Hero: Drew in the World of the Shoe.

Supernatural Aid pushes hero out of his Ordinary World (meeting with Phil).

Development of Inner Challenge: Drew's suicide attempt in his apartment; what to do now that he is a failure.

Call to Adventure by the Herald (his sister): Drew's Dad is dead.

Preparing to cross into the First Threshold with allies (sister and mother): in the airport.

First Threshold and meeting the Romantic Challenge: Drew meets Claire in the aircraft.

Allies encourage the journey: Claire draws a map.

References to the inner and outer challenge: Drew references that he was fired; Claire realises Drew's father is dead.

Back-story of the Outer Challenge: Drew when he was young and with his father. Reminder of the Inner Challenge: that he is a failure / lost $1b.

Magical gift: Claire gives Drew his wings, the directions and her number.

Physical Separation: exit 60-B.

Resistance to the Transformation: difficulty getting to Elizabethtown.

A New World: entering Elizabethtown.

Meeting the Mentor (Jesse, his cousin).

Mentor shows the hero around the World of the Transformation and the Creatures within: Jesse introduces Drew to everyone.

Polarization: they want a burial and Drew is thinking about cremation; he's from "California."

Meeting the Creatures of this World: the congregation.

Trial [passive]: Meeting his father lying in a coffin; lessons: "if you move around a little bit, you'll see different aspects." The word is "whimsical."

Trial [passive]: Meeting the relatives and familiarising himself with the family.

Trial [proactive]; Drew saves Samson in the car.
Celebration at the passing of the trials: Drew is congratulated in the house.

Mentor's challenge: Jesse admonished by his father; "you can't be buddies with your own son."

References to the Outer Challenge; Mentor's back-story and capabilities: Lynard Skynard sequence.

Foreshadow of the break from the Old Self and preparing to Seize of the Sword: Drew calls everyone, including Claire.

Pulled Backwards to the Old Self and Forwards to the New Self: Heather, Ellen and Claire all on the phone simultaneously.

Break from the Old Self: Ellen says Goodbye.
Journey to the Sword: Drew and Claire on the phone.

Seizing the Sword: Drew wrests the Champagne from Chuck.

Rebirth through Death: Claire offers to "let Drew go."

Reward: Claire and Drew meet by the Roadside.

Allies confront limitations: Hollie takes tap, comedy, cooking lessons etc. Claire doesn't go to Hawaii.

Warnings about the Atonement: Hollie warns Drew about Bill Banyon.

Preparing for the Atonement: Buying the cremation vase.

Second Thoughts: Claire and Drew think about being just friends.

Atonement with the Father:: Drew confronts his uncle et al and makes a decision about the cremation.

Reference to the mentor's challenge: Jesse is ignored and admonished.

Apotheosis: Rusty's Learning to Listen video. Mentor's challenge overcome: "thank you for taking an interest in Jesse."

Ultimate Boon: "feels good doesn't it. I can see Mitch now, so proud, in that blue suit."

Refusal: Drew tries to stop the cremation.

Magic Flight: Drew prepares to leave.

Rescue from Without: Drew meets Claire and sleeps with her.

Crossing the Return Threshold; confronting and overcoming the
Inner Challenge: Drew chases Claire and tells her about his failure. She doesn't care. References to the Outer and Romantic Challenges.

Master of the Two Worlds: Hollie wins over both sides of the family with her tap and comedy. Convergence aided by Mentor (Jesse's tribute).

Tangible representation of the New Order: the burial to appease the Kentucky family.

Freedom to Live. Drew goes on the road trip with his father's ashes [the trip they always meant to go on] and comes to terms with his death (conquest of the Outer Challenge). Finally seizes Claire (conquest of the Romantic Challenge).


by Kal Bashir