The Italian Job (1969)


The Italian Job (1969)

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FADE IN: Herald's Journey: Roger dies in the car crash.

Meeting the Antagonism: the mafia kill Roger.

Meeting the Hero: Charlie leaves prison.

Hero's Status: prisoners call out to Charlie as he leaves.

Meeting the Mentor: goodbye Mr Bridger.

Meeting the Romantic Challenge: Lorna waits for Charlie outside.

Developing the Goddess: this is the Pakistani Ambassador's car.

New Self: new clothes at the tailor.

Goodbye to the Old Self: you can put all this in the museum.

Hero's Capabilities: getting the wallet and the car.

Magical Gift: wallet and the car.

Foreshadow of the Journey: picking up the message.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Lorna gets Charlie the girls as a present.

Meeting the Herald 2: Roger's wife gives Charlie the briefcase.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Charlie sleeps with Roger's wife.

Call to Adventure: Roger's film about the heist.

Refusal: Camp Freddie puts the phone down on him.

Refusal: Bridger turns Charlie down in the toilet.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Bridger tells Freddie to give Charlie a going over; Bridger is into the Queen. Etc

Developing Challenges: Lorna finds Charlie with the girls and Freddie beats him up.

Overcoming Refusal: Bridger sees the news.

Push to the First Threshold: Bridger tells Freddie to green light Charlie's plan.

Foreshadow of the Foreshadow: needing Professor Simon Peach (Benny Hill).

Meeting Allies and Enemies: Persuading Peach; meeting the crew around the boardroom.

Hero's Capabilities: this is a very difficult job and the only way to get through it is to work together as a team and that means you do everything I say.

Middle Cave: preparing the cars; crashing the minis; you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.

Foreshadow of the Inner Cave: Bridger sees the mafia in the film footage.

Inner Cave: the funeral; Bridger warns Charlie about the Mafia.

Physical Separation: leaving for Italy on the ferry.

World of the Transformation / Journey: Italy.

Trial 1: overcoming the mafia on the mountainside.

Trial 2: replacing the computer programming/

Romantic Challenge Conquered: dropping Lorna off.

Foreshadow of the Sword and Atonement: the mafia watch the gold unload.

Departing from the World of the Trials / Leaving for the Sword: remove all the fingerprints.

Developing Characters and Relationships: you're not going to be sick, you're not going to have asthma and you're not going to have asthma etc; Peach following the fat woman.

Push to the Atonement: the gold is unloaded

Wolves Clothing: the English supporter dressed in the supporters colours.

Seizing the Sword: the English supporter triggers the traffic computers to shut off; stealing the Gold.

Near Death Experience: the police ram the doors.

Reward: the cars fall off the "battering ram"; they get away in the minis.

Atonement with the Father: they confront the police.

Apotheosis: they get away from the police.

Magic Flight: still pursued by the mafia; "they must have planned a way out…"

Refusal: difficulty getting into the bus.

Ultimate Boon: they've done it Mr Bridger.

Celebration: Bridger greets the audience.

Crossing the Return Threshold: in the bus.

Master of Two Worlds: celebrating in the bus.

Freedom to Live: the bus hangs over the cliff.



by Kal Bashir