Magnificent Seven (1960)


Magnificent Seven (1960)

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FADE IN: Meeting the Antagonism: Calvera et al arrive.

Meeting the Heralds: the Mexicans.

Meeting the Mentor: the Old Man.

Magical Gift: the watch.

New World: the Mexicans arrive in the town.

Meeting the Hero and sidekick: Chris and Vin.

Hero and sidekick's capabilities / Hero trial: Chris and Vin take the coffin to the top of the hill.

Celebration: passing the trial: the whisky passed around.

Call to Adventure: will you help us?

Refusal: I'm not in the blessing business.

Warning: there will be killing and more killing until the reason for it has been forgotten.

First Threshold: Rules: meeting the kid and Harry.

Outer Cave: in the bar; Vin on the team.

Middle Cave: persuading Fernardo.

Allies capabilities / Persuading Ally: Britt with the knife.

Developing the Shape Shifter: the Kid threatens Chris in the bar.

Time Pressure to the Belly of the Whale: we leave tomorrow.

Journey to the New World: riding to the town.

Pursued through the and to the New World: the Kid follows.

Belly of the Whale: arriving in town.

Warning: the farmers hide.

Belly of the Whale: the festival.

Foreshadow of the Sword: where are the women.

Physical Separation: trying to capture Calveras men; shooting them dead.

Trial and Transformation 1: training the Mexicans to use guns.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Harry wants to know about the mines.

Meeting the Romantic Challenge: the kid finds Petra.

Serving dinner; Petra likes the kid.

Giving the kids their meal.

Continued transformation: don't get excited; squeeze.

Preparing for Trail 3: the net.

Warning: visiting the old man.

Warning: Chris and Vin discuss Calvera.

Trial 3: Calvera arrives; running him out of town.

Celebration: dancing and drinking.

Meeting the Oracle: Calvera fires back.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Fernardo talks with the kids.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Vin talks with the Mexican.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Chico with Petra.

Seizing the Sword: Chris comes back with the gun belts.

Developing Characters and Relationships: things you have…none…

Near Death Experience: Chico infiltrates Calvera's gang.

Near Death Experience: Lee has nightmares.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Fernardo talks with the kids again.

New Name / New Self / Transformed: it's my real name.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Harry asks about the diamonds.

Atonement with the Father: Calvera has to fight and win; they're starving; you have to leave.

Apotheosis: the odds are too high; we have to shorten them.

Ultimate Boon: Petra kisses Chico.

Magic Flight: Chris et al hunt Calvera, who seems to have disappeared.

Refusal: back in town, Calvera makes Chris et al put down their guns.

Needing Rescuing / Developing Characters and Relationships: Chris and Vin.

Needing Rescuing / Developing Characters and Relationships: Fernardo slaps the kid for insulting his father.

Disgust: you hate them because you're one of them.

Rescue from Without: nobody throws me my own gun and says run.

Crossing the Return Threshold: sneaking back into town.

Final Conflict: the gun battle.

Final Antagonism: the Mexicans fight back.

Master of Two Worlds: you came back for a town like this, why?

Freedom to Live: the farmers farm; Chico stays behind with Petra.


by Kal Bashir