Commando (1985)


Commando (1985)

IMPORTANT: This is a very rough and general deconstruction that is meant to simply illustrate that this story follows the pattern described on the main page.

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Meeting the antagonist: the murder, the car theft, the bomb on the boat.

Meeting the hero: arny building the house; muscles.

Meeting the achilles heel: arny's relationship with his daughter.

Meeting the herald: the helicopter and KIRBY

Call to Adventure: someone is killing your men.

Hero's Backstory: you've made a lot of enemies; you said we were given new identities.

Foreshadow of the Journey: the guards left behind.

Warning: is it bad.

Foreshadow of the Journey: I'm not leaving you.

Pushed to the Journey: arny is shot at.

Hero's capabilities: arny ducks; I smelled them.

Refusal: if you want your kid back, then you gotta cooperate; wrong; arny pushes the truck down.

Meeting the Shape Shifter: meeting Bennett.

Forced to the Supernatural Aid: Arny tranquilised and told to assassinate the president by the Latino ex president.

Interdiction: arny's daughter held hostage.

Magical gift: the airline ticket.

First Threshold from afar: being led to the airport.

Threshold Guardian: the tall black guy.

No way back: the aircraft door closes.

Time Pressure: eleven hours till the landing.

Threshold Guardian: the dog.

Danger: on the aircraft legs.

Time Pressure: the aircraft rises.

First Threshold: landing in the march.

Goodbye to the Old World: seeing the plane fly away.

New Self: taking off his jacket.

Foreshadow of the Romantic Challenge: seeing SYDNEY

Down into the Outer Cave: down the stairs.

Developing the antagonist: anry's daughter's kidnappers.

Meeting the romantic challenge: SYDNEY on the phone.

Pulled into the Middle Cave: arny follows the little man whose following SYDNEY.

Resisting the Middle Cave: I've got a 7.30 karate class.

Pushed to the Middle Cave: follow him; in the car.

Developing hero and romantic challenge relationship: I've only known you for five minutes and I want you dead too.

Pushed to the Inner Cave: will you help me?

Time Pressure: she has only ten hours left.

Inner Cave: I'll help you.

Time Pressure: arny looks at his watch.

Pushed to the Belly of the Whale: SYDNEY tells the security guard.

Developing the antagonism: the little man spots SYDNEY.

Belly of the Whale: the little man sees arny; arny fighting the little man; being taken on by the security guards; following the little man;

Developing the romantic challenge: SYDNEY gets in the car.

Physical Separation: catching the little man; killing the little man; finding the key ring; getting in the new car.

Developing the antagonism: arny's daughter is taken to the house.

Trial and Transformation 1:

Arriving at the hotel.

Going inside

Cook arrives.

SYDNEY opens the door.

Arny battles and kills Cook.

Taking Cook's keys and searching the car.

Pushed to Trial 2: finding the paperwork in the car.

Trial 2:

Arriving at the fuel depot.

Climbing to the roof.

Seeing the activity inside.

Sneaking into the depot.

Beating up the person in the room.

Letting Sydney inside.

Getting the location from the map.

Trial 3:

Magical Gifts: Arny breaks into the gun store and gets tools up.

Arny arrested.

Time Pressure: Arny looks at his watch.

Sydney breaks Arny out of the police van.

Developing the antagonism: as long as he thinks he'll get his daughter back.

Journey to the Sword: arriving at the airport.

Guardian: knocking out the guard and firing back.

Seizing the Sword: Sydney takes off with the aircraft.

Night Sea Journey: on the aircraft.

Warning: you'll be shot down.

Danger: go below radar.

Developing the Antagonism: Bennett is waiting for Arny; the only thing between you and me is me.

Warning: Arny in the dingy.

New Self: Arny kits up, face paint etc.

Journey to the Atonement: making his way to the house.

Guardians: house guarded.

Near Death Experience: They find the dead man; arny's not on the plane; kill the girl.

Arny arrives and blows up the building.

Apotheosis: Arny's daughter's escaped.

Ultimate Boon: Sydney calls Kirby.

Army battles with the soldiers guarding the house.

Refusal: Arny refuses to be captured.

Magic Flight: Arny's daughter pursued by Bennett.

Catharsis 1: Arny shoots the Latin ex-president.

Bennett captures Jenny; threatens her life.

Rescue from Without: come on Bennett, lets party.

Crossing the Return Threshold: just like old times.

Final Antagonism: I'm gonna kill you John.

Master of Two Worlds: Arny kills Bennett.

Freedom to Live: this was the last time; Sydney waiting.


by Kal Bashir