Bullitt (1968)


Bullitt (1968)

IMPORTANT: This is a very rough and general deconstruction that is meant to simply illustrate that this story follows the pattern described on the main page.

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FADE IN: Antagonism / Heinous Act: the shooting.

Antagonist Pursuit of Magical Gift: the contract.

Developing the Magical Gift: with Ross about town.

Foreshadow of the Sword: cabbie drives Ross around.

Meeting the Hero and Loyal Ally: Frank in bed; Delgetti calls.

Hero and Loyal Ally relationship: Delgetti helps himself.

Meeting Antagonism 2 in his Ordinary World: going to see Chalmers.

Call to Adventure: Chalmers tells Frank to guard Ross.

Journey to the Magical Gift: Frank tells Delgetti what the job is.

World of the Magical Gift: Ross in the apartment.

Meeting the Mentor: Frank calls the Capt.

Meeting the Sacrificial Lamb: Stan.

Hero's Status: Frank gives Stan orders.

Meeting the Romantic Challenge in her Ordinary World: visiting Cathy at work.

Developing the Romantic Challenge: dinner.

Foreshadow of the First Threshold: Delgetti calls in.

Resisting the Transformation: Frank tells Cathy this is not for her.

First Threshold Marker: Stan and Ross are shot.

Antagonism Shadow: the assassins follow the ambulance.

Hero's True Nature: Frank watches over Stan.

Threshold Guardian: Stan tells Frank that Ross unlocked the chain.

Outer Cave: watching Stan in surgery / his wife.

Middle Cave: the Capt. gives the case to Frank.

Inner Cave: Chalmers confronts Frank.

Belly of the Whale: Chalmers can effect careers; he wants the Doctor replaced.

Physical Separation: the assassin arrives.

Trial 1: Outer Cave: the doctor tells Frank about the assassin.

Middle Cave: the assassin is spotted.

Inner Cave: the assassin is pursued but lost.

Trial 2: Outer Cave: Ross dies.

Middle Cave: Frank asks the doctor to keep the death a secret.

Inner Cave: Frank puts Ross under a John Doe and takes him away.

Foreshadow of the Transformation: Frank lives alone; he shops living-alone food.

Trial 3: Outer Cave: Chalmers finds out Ross is missing.

Middle Cave: Chalmers apologies to the photographer; can't get that picture.

Inner Cave: Frank hangs up; Chalmers wants Frank castrated.

Reward for passing the Trials: Cathy makes breakfast in his apartment.

Meeting the Oracle: the hotel receptionist tells the name of the cab company.

Seizing the Sword: finding the cab driver; getting the cabbie to retrace Ross' footsteps; getting the phone number.

Near Death Experience: the Capt.gets a writ from Chalmers.

Reward: the snitch tells Frank that Ross is alive; he realises there may be a deception.

Atonement: the car chase.

Apotheosis: the Capt. lets Frank follow his lead.

Ultimate Boon: using Cathy's car.

Refusal: Mrs Simmons not answering.

Magic Flight: Cathy sees the body and runs.

Forced to Transform: Frank and Cathy chat.

Rescue from Without: looking through the suitcases.

Crossing the Return Threshold: Chalmers reappears.

Catharsis 1: Ross is alive.

Journey to the Final Conflict: to the airport.

Battle 1: finding Ross.

Catharsis 2: Frank tells Chalmers to get outta here.

Catharsis 3: pursuing and capturing Ross.

Freedom to Live / Transformation demonstrated: Cathy is in Frank's flat now (he's not alone).


by Kal Bashir