A History of Violence (2005)


A History of Violence (2005)

IMPORTANT: This is a very rough and general deconstruction that is meant to simply illustrate that this story follows the pattern described on the main page.

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Fade in / context / setting up the push to the First Threshold: the killers leave the motel; Billy kills the little girl.

Meeting the Hero, Romantic Challenge, Loyal Ally in their Ordinary World: Sarah wakes up and the family gather around.

Loop / Ordinary World / Character and Relationship Development /Foreshadow: the conversation over breakfast.

Hero and Romantic Challenge: Tom tells Edie he loves her.

Hero's Status: everyone knows and says hello to Tom.

Hero in his Professional World / World of the Push: Tom in the café.

Call to Adventure: Jack catches the ball; the school bully gets angry.

Refusal: Jack refuses to fight.

Hero and Romantic Challenge: Edie dresses up for Tom.

Loyal Ally and Romantic Challenge: Jack with his girlfriend.

Developing the Loyal Ally's Challenge: the school bully in the car.

Warning of the Journey: the school bully almost drives into the killers; I don't want to know.

Push to the First Threshold: the killers are broke; they're going to do something about it.

Threshold Guardian: old fella in the doorway; we're closing up.

Warning: I said coffee!

First Threshold: they grab Charlotte.

Forced to the Outer Cave: do her Billy! Tom kills the killers.

Physical Change: Tom is stabbed in the foot.

Middle Cave: Tom becomes a celebrity; congratulations from everyone.

Resisting the Inner Cave: Tom disinterested in talking to the reporters; doesn't want his face on TV.

Foreshadow of the Inner Cave: the black car waiting.

Inner Cave: Fogarty shows up in the café.

New Name / New Self: Fogarty calls Tom "Joey"

Resisting the Transformation / New Self: Tom refuses to recognise Joey.

Resisting the Transformation: Edie calls Sam.

Resisting the Transformation: Sam pulls over Fogarty.

Belly of the Whale: Sam tells them that Fogarty and his men are organised crime; are you in some kind of Witness Protection Program?

Pushed to the Trials and Transformation: Tom sees the car and follows it home.

Resisting the Transformation / Trial 1: Fogarty is not at the house; having to explain himself / lie to Edie and Jack.

Pushed to Transform / Trial 2: Edie buying shoes; Fogarty tells Edie about Tom.

Transformation / Trial 3: Jack beats up the school bullies.

Pushing Back / Trial 4: Tom reprimands Jack.

Transformation Complete: Edie confronts Tom; wants to know if what Fogarty says is true.

Seizing the Sword: Fogarty has Jack; Tom gets him back.

Near Death Experience: Fogarty almost kills Tom.

New Self: Tom accepts that he is Joey.

New Self: Jack becomes a killer by killing Fogarty.

Romantic Challenge Separation: Edie confronts Jack in hospital.

Loyal Ally Separation: Jack walks away from Tom.

Atonement with the Father: Sam turns up.

Apotheosis: Edie takes Tom's side.

Ultimate Boom: Tom and Edie have sex on the stairs.

Refusal: Tom is sleeping on the sofa.

Forced Away: Richie calls.

Magic Flight: Tom drives to Philadelphia.

Crossing the Return Threshold: Tom walks into his old bar.

Pushed to the Final Conflict: finish your beer and I'll take you to Richie.

Final Conflict: Tom kills everyone.

Master of the Two Worlds: Tom washes himself in the lake.

Return: coming home.

Freedom to Live: accepted at the table.


by Kal Bashir