Failure to Launch (2006)


Failure to Launch (2006)

IMPORTANT: This is a very rough and general deconstruction that is meant to simply illustrate that this story follows the pattern described on the main page.

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FADE IN: Meeting the Hero: Tripp on a date.

Inciting Incident: still living at home.

Meeting Mother and Father Mentor: Mom and Pop in bed.

Ordinary World: Tripp getting dressed; Mom makes the house, cooks breakfast.

Meeting Shape Shifter and Ally: Ace and Demo in yoga class.

Call to Adventure: you're afraid of love.

Refusal: it's gonna take a stick of dynamite to get me out of my parents house.

Pushed to the Journey: the neighbours son has moved out; Tripp hasn't met the right girl.

Introducing the Romantic Challenge: Paula walks into the cafe and lays on the recliner.

Meeting the Romantic Challenge: Tripp goes over to talk to Paula.

Conscious Decision to the First Threshold: I'll meet you here on Monday.

Romantic Challenge's Ordinary World: Paula walks into her apartment.

Romantic Challenge's Ally: Kit

Romantic Challenge's Ally's Challenge: that bird!

Time Pressure: Paula meets Mom and Pop; she'll get him out by 15 th Sept.

Rules: Paula tells how she'll do it.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Tripp with Ace, Demo and Geoffrey in his room.

Pushed to the First Threshold: Mom won't do the housework anymore.

Outer Cave: lunch on the boat (almost).

Elixir: I'd like to own a boat like this but it's not the right time in my life.

Trial: Paula pretends she's a buyer.

Middle Cave / Meeting Allies: mountain biking with the boys.

Challenge Reminder: bitten by the squirrel; imbalance with nature.

Inner Cave: Tripp arrives at Paula's apartment.

Ally's Challenge: Kit and the bird problem.

Belly of the Whale: dinner; flicking the food.

World of Trials and Transformation:

Paula plays hard to get/ Kit's bird problem.


Outer Cave: Hero in his Professional World: Tripp trying to sell a yacht.

Middle Cave: Paula persuades Tripp to come to the Vet.

Inner Cave: Paula and the Vet discuss the deception.

2: the paint balling sequence:

Outer Cave: Ace sees Kit.

Middle Cave: Ace tries to talk to Kit.

Inner Cave: Paula wins at Paintball.

Transformation: Paula gets the nod.


Outer Cave: Paula lets Tripp teach her to sail.

Middle Cave: Push to the Elixir: Paula tells Tripp he should buy that boat.

Inner Cave: Kit smells fun; Paula had fun.

Resistance / Return to the Ordinary World: Tripp decides to dump Paula on the surfboard.

Resisting the Return to the Ordinary World: the Dolphin bites Tripp; imbalance with nature.


Outer Cave: Tripp introduces Paula to his parents.

Middle Cave: Mom tells her he's breaking up with her.

Inner Cave: Paula refuses to be dumped; Paula stays the night.

Transformation: Mom catches Paula sneaking out.

Kit's Challenge: she wants the shotgun.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Paula thinks she's still in control / Tripp tried to break up with her (talking in the bike shop).

Meeting with the Oracle: Paula with another client; Ace spots her; he wants something.

Resisting the Sword: Kit wants the minimum wage slacker.

Journey to the Sword: the date at the Oceanarium; the begin to get on.

Guardians of the Sword: Kit and Ace shoot the bird; they CPR the bird.

Seizing the Sword: they kiss and fall; assumed sex.

Shape Shifter revealed: Demo wants to talk to Paula about the dating my best friend for money thing.

Near Death Experience: Paula has to break up with Tripp because Geoffrey's mother was going to marry Tripp; an ethical problem.

Atonement: Demo tells Tripp that Paula was hired by Mom and Pop to get him out of the house.

Apotheosis: Tripp cooks and confronts everyone at dinner.

Ultimate Boon: Tripp decides to move out.

Refusal: get the fuck out of the car.

Disgust with the Self: Tripp alone; Tripp talking to Geoffrey.

Pushed to the return: Paula returns the money; Mom realizes Paula's in love with Tripp.

Resisting the Return: Tripp won't get in the car.

Pushed to the Return: you should see Paula.

Challenge Reminder : Imbalance: mountain climbing; getting bitten; falling.

Magic Flight: Paula is moving to Colorado.

Kits Challenge Resolved: she's persuaded someone to sleep with her more than once.

Forced to Face the Challenge: Nature rejects Tripp.

Allies Challenges Resolved: Demo is a traveler and Ace has bought his own home.

Pop's Challenge resolved: Pop in the naked room.

Mom's Challenge Resolved: Mom tells Tripp what she's afraid of.

Rescue from Without: Mom calls a meeting.

Deception / Forced to Return: Kit tells Paula what she thinks of her; lets get the sweater.

Crossing the Return Threshold: Kit takes Paula to meet Tripp.

Catharsis 1: Demo gets the girl in the coffee shop.

Catharsis 2: Paula tells Tripp she was going to break up with him.

Catharsis 3: Ace puts it all on the big screen.

Developing Characters and Relationships: the people watching.

Master of Two Worlds: Tripp and Paula make up; everyone kisses.

Freedom to Live: Mom and Pop alone in the house.

Freedom to Live: Tripp and Paula on the yacht.

Hero's Challenge Resolved: the dolphin doesn't bite.


by Kal Bashir