El Cid (1961)


El Cid (1961)

IMPORTANT: This is a very rough and general deconstruction that is meant to simply illustrate that this story follows the pattern described on the main page.

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•  Context [we learn of Spain in the time of the Cid].

•  Introduce the Antagonist.

•  Introduce the Hero.

•  Hero meets a Mentor [The Cid meets his father, Don Diego].

•  Introduce a Shape Shifter.

•  Hero commits a wizened act [lets the Muslim prisoners go]. The Call to Adventure or Inciting Incident.

•  Introduce the Romantic Challenge.

•  Obstacle to fulfillment of the Romantic Challenge presented by the Romantic Challenge's rival, hero's rival and shape shifter.

•  Hero relates his inner challenge to his romantic challenge.

•  Pushed to the First Threshold [El Cid's family name shamed].

•  No way back [El Cid forced to challenge the King's champion].

•  Polarization between the hero and his romantic challenge.

•  Hero given a new challenge / trial in the First Threshold. Hero succeeds.

•  A Reward to encourage the physical separation [El Cid will win the hand of Sophia Loren].

•  Belly of the Whale. Physical Separation. El Cid leaves.

•  A trial. Hero passes..

•  Reward for passing the trial.

•  Polarization between hero and romantic challenge increases.

•  Transformation. Road of Trials (1). El Cid rescues the prince from the dungeons – the thirteen guards.

•  Growth of the antagonist [Ben Yusif takes the city of Valencia].

•  Transformation (2). El Cid avenges Sancho.

•  Resistance to Seizing of the Sword [the queen attempts to persuade Sophia Loren to dissuade Rodrigo from seizing the Sword].

•  Hero Seizes the Sword [Rodrigo forces the king to swear].

•  Hero receives the reward [Rodrigo wins over Sophia].

•  Forced onto a Night Sea Journey. Near death experience [survives with the aid of the people [the leper and the child].

•  Reward [his own army].

•  Atonement with the Father [The Cid faces the King]. Hero transformed [the Cid returns with a beard.

•  Apotheosis. The king imprisons the Cid's wife. He is not a good king [he will march against the king unless his wife is released].

•  The Ultimate Boon Rodrigo's twin daughters]. The Shape Shifter. The Shape Shifter comes around. The Cid takes Valencia. The Cid is offered the crown.

•  Refusal of the Return [the king will not help the Cid defend Valencia against Ben Yusif]. Sophia asks where the Cid “finds the courage.”

•  Rescue from Without. Ben Yusif and his armies appear on the shore. The Magic Flight. The Cid is injured and retreats from Ben Yusif.

•  Rescue from Without. El Cid must return to battle tomorrow (with the arrow inside him.”)

•  Master of the Two Worlds. The Cid returns to the field in between life and death.

•  Freedom to Live – Spain was saved from the Moors.


by Kal Bashir