X-Men (2100)


X-Men (2100)

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FADE IN: Context: every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward (narration).

Antagonist's Backstory: Magneto as a young Jewish child, pulls the fence open, trying to prevent his mother from the gas chamber.

Introduce the Sword [as Ally]; Capabilities and Inner Challenge: things happen when Rogue touches people.

Intro Hero's Romantic Challenge: Jean Grey talks about the new stage of evolution.

Intro Shape Shifter: Senator Kelly.

Polarization between antagonists and protagonists: Senator Kelly argues with Jean Grey.

Meeting the Mentor: Xavier overlooks the debate.

Meeting Antagonist: Xavier in the crowd.

Polarization between antagonists and protagonists: Xavier tries to convince Magneto to give humans a chance.

Meeting the Hero and his Capabilities: Wolverine winning in the cage.

Foreshadow of the Final Conflict: the conference at Ellis Island on the TV.

Hero meets the Sword: Wolverine sees Rogue in the bar.

Pushed into the Journey: "get outta my bar..;" the fight in the bar.

Refusal of the Call: Wolverine doesn't want to give Rogue a ride.

Overcoming the Refusal: Wolverine thinks again.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Wolverine and Rogue in the car.

Referencing the Hero's Inner Challenge: the army tag.

Developing Hero's Capabilities: Wolverine thrown out of the car; he heals quickly.

Pulled into the First Threshold: Sabretooth attacks; rescued by Storm and Cyclops.

Developing the Antagonism: Sabretooth reports to Magneto. Magneto's Capabilities: he can manipulate metal.

Hero and his Romantic Challenge: Jean Grey touches Wolverine.

Resisting the First Threshold: Wolverine doesn't know where he is, he tries to flee.

New World of the First Threshold: Wolverine unfamiliar with his surroundings; sees the X-Men uniforms.

Guided by the Mentor: Xavier mentally speaks to Wolverine.

Meeting Allies: Xavier introduces Storm and Cyclops.

Resisting the First Threshold: "get out of my way, Cyclops."

Pulled into the First Threshold by the Mentor: Xavier mentally speaking to Wolverine.

The World of the First Threshold: "what is this place?"; the X-Men school.

Backstory of the Antagonist: Xavier references Magneto's past.

Time Pressure: give me 48 hrs…

Developing the Shape Shifter: Senator Kelly is kidnapped.

Developing the Hero and his Romantic Challenge: Jean Grey x-rays Wolverine.

Developing the Hero's Capabilities: Wolverine has an indestructible alloy fused to his skeleton.

Developing the Antagonism [Inner Cave]: Magneto metamorphosis Senator Kelly into a mutant.

Developing the Hero's Romantic Challenge, Inner Challenge and Romantic Competitor: Jean reads Wolverine's mind when Scott turns up.

Developing the Hero's Inner Challenge: Wolverine dreams about his operation.

Developing Hero's and Ally's Capabilities: Wolverine stabs Rogue, who absorbs his gift for healing.

Developing the Shape Shifter: the Senator becomes a jellyfish.

Foreshadow of the Final Conflict: the Ellis Island conference on TV.

Pushed to the Physical Separation: Mystique convinces Rogue to leave the school.

Mentor provides Magical Gift; Hero in the Inner Cave: Xavier introduces Wolverine to Cerebro.

Resisting the Physical Separation: Xavier thinks it is too dangerous for Wolverine to go.

Physical Separation: Wolverine takes Cyclop's bike.

Developing the Antagonism: Mystique modifies Cerebro.

Confronting Inner Challenges: Wolverine talks to Rogue in the train.

Trial 1: the attack in the train station.

Trial 2: Magneto versus the police.

Trial 3: Magneto versus Xavier.

Meeting the Oracle: Xavier reads Senator Kelly's mind to find out what they want with Rogue.

Shape Shifter's Reward: Senator Kelly melts away.

Resisting the Journey to the Sword: Cyclops doesn't think Wolverine is fit for the uniform.

Obstacle to the Sword: Cerebro knocks out Xavier.

Pulled toward the Sword: Jean Grey knows where Magneto is going.

Developing the World of the Sword: Magneto prepares Rogue for the sacrifice; Wolverine et al overview the map of the conference.

Journey to the Sword: Wolverine et al on the jet.

Threshold Guardian: Mystique and Toad block the way.

Time pressure to the Sword: Sabretooth blocks the way and Magneto begins using Rogue's power.

Seizing the Sword: Wolverine rescues Rogue.

Marker of Change: Rogue has white stripes in her hair.

Near Death Experience: Wolverine sacrifices himself to save Rogue; his wounds open.

Reward: Xavier recovers; Wolverine recovers; Wolverine kisses Jean.

Atonement with the Father: Xavier tells Wolverine about his past.

Apotheosis: Senator Kelly rescinds the Act; it's Mystique.

Refusal: Rogue doesn't want Wolverine to go.

Ultimate Boon: Wolverine will be back for his tag.

Magic Flight: Wolverine of the bike.

Master of the Two Worlds: Xavier comes to see the imprisoned Magneto.


by Kal Bashir