The Dirty Dozen (1967)


The Dirty Dozen (1967)

IMPORTANT: This is a very rough and general deconstruction that is meant to simply illustrate that this story follows the pattern described on the main page.

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FADE IN: the First Threshold - a military prison; a hanging.


Introducing the Mentor : Lee Marvin (Major Reisman) watches the hanging and heads for the meeting.


Mentor 's Character and Back Story: The Colonel et al go over Reisman's record.


Heralds brings Call to Adventure: Reisman is told of project Amnesty.


Danger of the Journey developed: the Nazi conference in the Chateau; the place is fortified and guarded; the men will be risking their lives,


Foreshadow of the Atonement: referencing Colonel Breed.


Entering the First Threshold; meeting the strange creatures of the First Threshold: we meet the men by name, crime and sentence.


Threshold Guardian: Franco resists and Reisman puts him on the ground.


Meeting Allies in the Inner Cave : convincing the men in their cells; developing their characters and back stories and the relationship with the Mentor :


The Joker: Franco.


The Leader: Charles Bronson (Wladislaw).


The Shape Shifter: Telly Savalas (Maggot).


The Simpleton: the big man (Posey)


Developing the Mentor 's Ally: the Sergeant.


The Leaders Ally: Jefferson .


The Ally: Sergeant Bowry.


Conditions of the Journey: the men are told that if any of them try to escape, then they'll all be sent back to prison.


Conflict between Allies: Maggot and Jefferson fight.


Warning of the Physical Separation: the Sergeant thinks that the first chance they get, they'll attempt to shoot Reisman.


Physical Separation: on their way to the camp.


Entering the World of the Transformation: constructing the compound.


Tangible Representation of the Transformation: the state of the compound; no windows until they deserve them.


Foreshadow of the Final Conflict: listening to the radio and hearing about the War.


Developing characters: Franco talks to Pinkley (the Idiot); Wladislaw talks about the woman singing on the radio; Maggot doesn't like women.

Trial 1: Franco tries to escape.


Trial 2: climbing the rope.


Trial 3: Posey gets a knife.


Transformation Progressing: Reisman and the sergeant discuss the men's improvement.


Foreshadow of the turning of the Shape Shifter: Maggot discuses his religious views.


Warning of the Seizing of the Sword: the psychologist warns Reisman that the men are psychopaths.


Conflict on the Journey to the Sword: Franco throws one of the smaller men and Posey confronts him.


Resisting the Sword: Wladislaw is uncooperative.


Seizing the Sword: Franco wants hot water to shave; the men all line up; they are finally acting as a team.

New Name verifying their progress along the path of the Transformation: they get a new name: the Dirty Dozen.


Foreshadow of the Near Death Experience: Reisman warns the men of the coming trial with Breed.


Night Sea Journey: the men in the truck travel to Colonel Breed's territory; “the General” inspects the men.


Near Death Experience: Reisman insults Breed; Wladislaw gets beaten up.


Foreshadow of the Apotheosis: the men think it was the Major who had Wladislaw beaten up.


Reward: the men get female company, the whisky…the “graduation ball.”


Foreshadow of the Shape Shifter's turning: Maggot warns of the Major's coming damnation.


Atonement with the Father: Colonel Breed pushes his way into the compound; Reisman shoots at him etc…


Foreshadow of the Apotheosis: they see that the men who roughed up Wladislaw are with Breed.


Apotheosis: Reisman is on their side.


Ultimate Boon: all the men act in unison; Synergy.


Refusal of the Return: Reisman is admonished by a senior officer; his men will be sent back etc.


Rescue from Without: the competition to knock out Breed's HQ is the only way to save the men.


Magic Flight in the Wolves Clothing: the men change colours and make their way to Breed's HQ and take over.


Warnings, preparing and pushed into the Final Conflict: going over the Chateau invasion.


Crossing the Return Threshold: the flight to the Chateau, parachuting in and getting past the guards.


Master of the Two Worlds / Final Conflict: Blowing up the Chateau dressed as Nazis; Shape Shifter turns; resistance etc.


Freedom to Live: Reisman, Wladislaw and the Sergeant in hospital.


by Kal Bashir