Beverly Hills Cop (1984)


Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

IMPORTANT: This is a very rough and general deconstruction that is meant to simply illustrate that this story follows the pattern described on the main page.

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FADE IN: context; Detroit ; working class neighbourhoods.


Hero's character and capabilities: Axel pretends to be a crook; selling contraband.


Hero in his Ordinary World: in the police station.


Hero's status: other cops follow him around; seek his attention.


Meeting the Interdictor: Inspector Todd.


Foreshadow of the Interdiction: Todd warns Axel.


Meeting the Herald / Foreshadow of the Journey: Axel meets Mikey; the bonds.


Hero and Mikey's backstory: Axel and Mikey playing pool. References to the Supernatural Aid: Jenny Summers.


Developing the relationship between Hero and Herald: Mikey took the fall for Axel; Mikey loves Axel.


Meeting the Antagonist's Lieutenant: Zack turns up.


Unbearable Antagonism: Zack kills Mikey.


Interdiction: Foley's boss warns Axel not to interfere with the investigation.


Breaking the Interdiction: Axel goes to Beverly Hills .


Crossing into the First Threshold: Axel in Beverly Hills .


New World and strange creatures of the First Threshold: the strange characters of Beverly Hills .


Hero is a fish out of water in the First Threshold: the bag in the front seat sequence.


Threshold Guardian: the hotel is full; getting a room in the hotel.


Meeting Allies: Serge.


Meeting the Supernatural Aid: Jenny Summers.


Discussing the coming Journey: Axel asks Jenny about Mikey.


Mentor guides the hero toward the Antagonist: Jenny guides Axel toward Victor Maitland.


Threshold Guardian to the Antagonist and his Lieutenant: Victor's secretary.


Meeting the Antagonist and his lieutenant: Axel walks into Victor's office.


Physical Separation: Axel gets thrown out of the window.


Journey to the World of the Transformation: the police arrest Axel.


Entering the New World of the Transformation: “this is the cleanest police car in the world; the nice police station; the clean cell…”


Meeting the Shape Shifter: Taggart punches Axel.


Meeting Other Allies: Bogomil makes Taggart apologize. Referencing the Journey: Bogomil discusses Victor Maitland and the Interdiction; Billy Rosewood takes Axel to the cell.


Saved by the Mentor / Encouraged toward the Trials: Jenny bails out Axel.


Mentor reveals back story of the Antagonist: Jenny tells Axel about Victor Maitland.


Hero already a master of the First Threshold: Axel orders room service; comfortable in the expensive hotel.


Trial 1: evading Taggart and Rosewood with the free meal and the bananas.


Trial 2: Finding the coffee grounds and seeing the bonds unloaded.


Developing the challenges of the Allies: the anti - banana disguise sequence; Taggart is uptight; Rosewood doesn't stand up for himself.


Warnings of Trial 3: Jennie won't bail Axel out again.


Journey to Trial 3: Axel commands the security guard.


Developing the character and challenges of allies: Taggart and Rosewood waiting sequence.


Trial 3: Axel takes control and checks Victor Maitland's crate.


Developing the character and challenges of allies: Rosewood tells Taggart he eats a lot of red meat.


Trial 3 [intercut part 2]: Axel gets some communication…


Hero and Ally relationships developed: Axel jumps in Taggart and Rosewood's car. They go to a strip joint.


Seizing the Sword: Axel prevents the robbery in the strip joint; wins the trust of Taggart and Rosewood.


Near Death Experience and Allies Inner Challenge: the super cop story doesn't wash; Bogomil plays by the book; Taggart and Rosewood are off the case.


Reward: the new team; “look man, I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe…”


Threshold Guardian to the Atonement with the Father: the maitre de at the restaurant; pretending to have an STD.


Atonement with the Father: Alex gate crashes Victor's lunch; overpowers Zack.


Apotheosis: Alex tells Bogomil about the coffee grounds and that he suspects Maitland.


Ultimate Boon: Synergy: all the Beverly Hills Cops are on Axel's side now…Bogomil understands the meaning of the coffee grounds.


Refusal of the Return: Bogomil argues that Axel doesn't have the information to issue a search warrant.


Warned away form the Final Confrontation: the Chief wants Axel outta here.


Magic Flight: Rosewood told to escort Axel to the city limits.


Ally conquering his inner challenge: Rosewood argues Axel's case; he begins to stand up for himself.


Foreshadow of the Final Conflict: Victor Maitland interrogates Jenny.


Rescue from Without: Axel convinces Rosewood to take him to the warehouse.


Convergence: Axel., Rosewood, Jennie and Serge together in the art gallery.


Border of the Return Crossing: Axel et al outside the warehouse.


Crossing the Return Threshold: inside the warehouse; finding the drugs.


Pushed towards the Final Confrontation: Axel gets caught.


Antagonist reveals himself: Maitland confronts Axel and Jenny.


Pushing the Ally Transformation and setting up the Final Conflict: Jenny put in the car; Rosewood has to act alone and rescue Axel..


Antagonist's lieutenant reveals himself: Zack reveals that he “popped his little buddy…”


Ally overcomes Inner Challenge: Rosewood rescues Axel; commands Taggart to meet him.


Convergence: Taggart et al find out that Rosewood et al are at Maitland's house.


Warning against the Final Confrontation: Taggart warns Axel and Rosewood not to enter Maitland's house.


Master of the Two Worlds: Axel, Taggart and Rosewood enter Maitland's house; Rosewood reveals his new self; Maitland and Zack defeated; rescue Jenny; Bogomil comes on side [see Final Confrontation ].


Freedom to Live: Bogomil overcome shis Inner Challenge [confronts the Chief with a super cop story; doesn't play by the book]. Taggart is relaxed enough to go for a drink. Medals: the robes.


by Kal Bashir