Trading Places (1983)


Trading Places (1983)

IMPORTANT: This is a very rough and general deconstruction that is meant to simply illustrate that this story follows the pattern described on the main page.

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FADE IN: context; the city; visuals show the contrast between the working class and the well off.


Hero 1 and Mentor in their Ordinary World: Winthorpe and Coleman at home; Winthorpe at work….pork bellies.


Meeting the Antagonists and their motivations: Meeting the Dukes; debating Nature versus Nurture.


Hero 2 in his Ordinary World: Valentine begs from the Dukes.


Developing the Antagonists: the crop report; Randolph doesn't think that the scientist should have won the Nobel prize; mother always said Mortimer was greedy.


Antagonist's nature: Ezra gets $5 for Christmas.


Meeting the Shape Shifters: dinner with suspect friends and Penelope.


Foreshadow of the Final Conflict: $50k to Clarence Beeks.


Foreshadow of the Call to Adventure: the Dukes talk about Winthorpe.


Developing Hero 2: Valentine pretending to be blind and crippled…”what unit were you in…?”


Developing the Antagonists and the Heroes: Valentine takes the briefcase; Winthorpe gets Valentine arrested.


Call to Adventure: the Dukes make a wager.


First Threshold (Hero 1) and Meeting Allies: Winthorpe at dinner with Penelope (Shape Shifter) and Coleman ( Mentor ).


Mentor agrees to the Journey: Coleman agrees to the Duke's request.


Foreshadow of the Physical Separation: Coleman will not be needed anymore.


First Threshold (Hero 2) and Meeting Allies: Valentine in Jail; "what, you ignorant…"


Physical Separation: The Dukes bail Valentine.


Journey to the World of the Transformation on the Magic Carpet: The Dukes explain the deal in their car.


Meeting the Mentor : Valentine meets Coleman.


Hero 2 is a fish out of water in the World of the Transformation: Valentine in his new home… "everything in here is mine, right?"


Hero 2's true nature: dropping the vase, “I'm sorry about that…”


Physical Separation (Hero 1): Beeks plants the notes on Winthorpe; being shamed in the Heritage Club.


Hero 1 is a fish out of water in the World of the Transformation: being stripped of the Old Self. (Winthorpe stripped on entrance to the prison).


Hero 2 (Transformation 1): Valentine in the bar; showing the big boys his Limo outside; “ you gotta lotta guts showing your face in here…” Accompanied by the Mentor : Coleman is waiting outside.


Hero 2 (Transformation 2): Valentine throwing everyone out of “his house.” Accompanied by the Mentor : Coleman being the butler.


Meeting Hero 1's Mentor : Meeting Ophelia.


Shape Shifter character developed: Penelope waiting for Winthorpe.


Shape Shifter switches: Penelope leaves Winthorpe.


Hero 1 (Transformation 1): Coleman doesn't let Winthorpe in the house. Accompanied by the Mentor : Ophelia watches.


Hero 1 (Transformation 2): Winthorpe gets thrown out of the bank. Accompanied by the Mentor : Ophelia watches.


Resistance to Trial 3 (Hero 1): Ophelia (the Mentor ) almost leaves Winthorpe.


Foreshadow of the Final Conflict: Valentine and Winthorpe see each other through the car windows.


Resistance to Trial 3 (Hero 2): Valentine doesn't know what they want from him; Coleman tells Valentine to stay true to himself.


Trial 3 (Hero 2): Valentine enters the Duke's building and is taught about commodities.


Trial 3 (Hero 1): Learning Ophelia is a prostitute.


Seizing the Sword (Hero 2): Valentine makes the Dukes money playing the pork belly market; Valentine returns the money he finds on the floor (becomes trustworthy).


Seizing the Sword (Hero 1): Winthorpe learns the true nature of his friends; buying the gun; learning that money ain't easy to come by; of his previously privileged existence.


Near Death Experience (Hero 2): Winthorpe offends at dinner…


Near Death Experience (Hero 1): Winthorpe in bed with the flu.


Developing the Mentor : Ophelia turns down a customer.


Reward (Hero 2): the blonde hits on Valentine over dinner.


Reward (Hero 1): Ophelia gets into bed with Winthorpe.


Foreshadow of the Atonement (Hero 1): Winthorpe sees Valentine's picture in the paper.


Complete Transformation (Hero 2): Valentine working late at Christmas.


Foreshadow of the Atonement (Hero 2) Valentine notices the cheque for Mr Beeks; wonders what wager they're discussing.


Complete Transformation (Hero 1): Winthorpe becomes a criminal; plants drugs in Valentine's office; holds a gun up to security.


Complete Transformation (Hero 2): Valentine thinks Winthorpe should be put in jail.


Complete Transformation (Hero 1): Winthorpe drunk; a bum; eating fish I the bus.


Atonement with the Father (Hero 2): Valentine learns about the wager in the bathroom; that Valentine will be switched back.


Resisting the Atonement with the Father (Hero 1): Winthorpe walks away from Valentine; tries to kill himself.


Atonement with the Father (Hero 1): Winthorpe tries to kill Valentine.


Apotheosis: Valentine tells Winthorpe that the Dukes made a bet; wager was for $1.


Ultimate Boon: (Synergy): Back in the house; Valentine, Winthorpe, Ophelia and Coleman acting as a unit.


Refusal of the Return: Valentine tells Winthorpe he can't just shoot the Dukes.


Rescue from Without: Mr Beeks on TV.


Magic Flight: the characters on the train; dressing up on the train; tackling Beeks and swapping the briefcases.


Crossing the Return Threshold: Valentine and Winthorpe give the Dukes the false crop report; dressing up as Beeks.


Journey to the Final Conflict: Coleman and Ophelia give up their life savings.


Master of the Two Worlds / Final Conflict: Valentine and Winthorpe are masters of the Stock Exchange; the Dukes have to sell their seats on the exchange.


Freedom to Live: Coleman chooses both the lobster and the crab on the island.


by Kal Bashir