Fargo (1996)


Fargo (1996)

IMPORTANT: This is a very rough and general deconstruction that is meant to simply illustrate that this story follows the pattern described on the main page.

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FADE IN: foreshadow of the journey: the snowy freeway in North Dakota.

The Antihero and the Antagonists: the plan, motivation, characters and relationships: Jerry Lundegaard meets Carl and Gaear.

Antihero's Ordinary World [home]: Jerry comes home.

Meeting the Mentor: Jerry doesn't want Wade to stay for dinner.

Developing characters and relationships: Jerry, Jean, Wade and Scott have dinner.

Foreshadow of the First Threshold: "Wade, have you had a chance to look at that deal…."

Antagonists character and relationships developed: Carl and Gaear in the car…."pancakes."

Antihero's Ordinary World [work]: trying to sell true coat.

Foreshadow of the Physical Separation: drive along the icy freeway.

Developing the Antagonists: Carl and Gaear get laid.

Developing the Allies: Scotty ignores Jean.

Pushed to the First Threshold: Wade asks Jerry to come in at 2.30.

Resisting the First Threshold: Jerry tries to talk to Shep Proudfoot and call off the deal.

Antagonists character and relationships developed: Carl and Gaear in the car…."can you stop smoking…".

Time Pressure: on the phone; can't read the serial numbers; that money will be clawed back.

Entering the First Threshold: Jean is kidnapped.

First Threshold Conflict: Jerry meets with Wade and Stan Grossman; they'll only give him a finders fee.

Pre Inner Cave Conflict: a frustrated Jerry cleans his windscreen.

Inner Cave: Jerry comes home and faces the fact of his kidnapped wife.

Physical Separation / Antagonist's threat developed: Carl and Gaear shoot the cop and the passers-by on the freeway.

Hero's Ordinary World: Marge Gunderson in bed; Norm makes eggs; the car needs a jump.

Hero's Status: "hiya Lou…"

Hero's Capabilities: Marge instantly assesses the crime.

Road of Trials:

Antihero Transformation / Trial 1: Norm tries to convince Wade and Stan not to call the cops; Jerry makes the final decision; Stan agrees with Jerry.

Antihero Journey to Transformation / Trial 2: Stan asks if Jerry has talked to Scotty.

Antihero Transformation / Trial 2: Jerry persuades Scotty and tells him not to tell anyone.

Developing the Antagonists: Comedic Element: Jean runs blindfolded in the snow.

Developing Hero and Allies characters and relationships: "what are they, night crawlers…ah hun, you're better than them…"

Hero Transformation / Trial 1: Marge visits the girls at the Lakeside club.

Developing the Antagonists: Carl can't get the TV to work.

Developing the Hero: Marge watching TV; Norm asleep.

Meeting the Oracle and guided to the Sword [hero] / out of her Ordinary World: Marge gets a call from Mike Yanagita.

Antihero Transformation / Trial 3: Carl calls and tells Jerry blood has been shed; they need more money.

Time Pressure: phone call - the vehicle ID's haven't arrived.

Hero pushed toward Transformation / Trial 2 & 3: the officer tells Marge that Shep works in the Twin Cities.

Meeting the Oracle and guided to the Sword [antihero]: Wade wants to deliver the money himself.

World of the Sword: Marge arrives at the hotel in the Twin Cities.

Foreshadow of the Transformation / Trials 2 and 3 [hero]: Marge phones in and locates Shep Proudfoot and is recommended the Radisson.

Foreshadow of the Sword [antagonist]: Carl changes his number plates and doesn't want to pay the $4.

Hero Transformation / Trial 2: Marge convinces Shep Proudfoot to remember who called him.

Hero Transformation / Trial 3: Marge meets Jerry in his office.

Foreboding of the Final Confrontation: Jerry tries to call Shep Proudfoot.

Seizing the Sword [Hero]: Marge meets Mike Yanagita.

Reward: with the escort girl in the nightclub; sex.

Near Death Experience [antagonist]: Carl gets a whipping from Shep].

Time Pressure: Carl calls Jerry and wants the money in 30 minutes.

Atonement with the Father: Carl kills Wade.

Apotheosis [hero]: Jerry finds Wade dead in the car park; goes home; Scotty's voice; Stan Grossman called.

Ultimate Boon: Mr Mohra tells the officer that they're out on the lake.

Apotheosis [Antagonist]: Carl finds £1m in the case; realises what Jerry was up to.

Apotheosis [Hero]: Marge on the phone; Mike's wife didn't die; he never really got married…

Crossing the Return Threshold [Hero]: Marge eats; appreciating her Ordinary World.

Refusal: Marge visits Jerry; "the car's not from out lot.."

Magic Flight: Jerry runs from the interview.

Crossing the Return Threshold: Carl goes back to give Gaear his half of the 80k.

Refusal: Gaear won't accept what he's given.

Magic Flight: Carl leaves and Gaear pursues him.

Rescue from Without: Marge sees the Tan Sierra.

Master of the Two Worlds: Marge finds and shoots Gaear.

Reward: Marge driving the car with Gaear in the back…" don't you know that…"

Freedom to Live [Antihero]: captured.

Freedom to Live [Hero]: Marge appreciates what she's got.


by Kal Bashir