Jurassic Park (1993)


Jurassic Park (1993)

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FADE IN: context: the raptor eats a man.

Backstory: the law suit; the amber.

Introduce Heroes and their capabilities: Alan and Ellie are lead archaeologists.

References to the Antagonism: Alan references the raptors; how dangerous they are…."show them a bit of respect…"

Heroes Inner Challenge: "kids, you want to have one of those…!" Alan doesn't want kids but Ellie does.

Meeting the Supernatural Aid: John Hammond arrives.

Call to Adventure: "come to my park for a weekend…."

Refusal: "we're very busy, we've just dug up a…."

Pulled to the First Threshold: "I can compensate you by fully funding your research for a further three years…"

Meeting Enemies / the Shape Shifter / Foreshadow of the Physical Separation: the Dodgson arranges for embryos to be taken out of the park.

Journey to the First Threshold: on the helicopter.

Meeting Allies: Ian Malcolm.

Ally's Capabilities: Ian is a Chaos Mathematician.

View of the World of the First Threshold from a distance: "there it is…;" view of the park from the helicopter.

Danger on entry: the fast drop.

Developing Characters: how they buckle up.

Unique World of the First Threshold: the waterfall; the huge drop.

Physical Marker of entry: the gate.

Threshold Guardian: the gate.

Warning of Entry into the First Threshold: danger, 10,000 volts; "is everything safe…"

Time Pressure: "in 48 hours, I'll shut you down…"

Meeting the Magical Creatures of the First Threshold: Alan, Ellie et al see the dinosaurs.

Backstory: Hammond tells them how it's done….blood…cloning…DNA…Amber…

Foreboding of the Journey: "life cannot be contained; life finds a way…;""you bred Raptors!"

Threat of the Antagonism: the dinosaur eats the cow; contained within an electric fence; they show intelligent behaviour.

Developing characters and relationships: Hammond et al all having dinner.

Resistance to the Physical Separation: Malcolm thinks it's too dangerous; Ellie is worried how they will be controlled.

Foreshadow of the Physical Separation: the kids arrive.

Developing the Inner Challenge: Tim follows Alan around.

Foreshadow of the Physical Separation: the storm is approaching.

Threshold of the World of the Transformation: the gate into Jurassic Park.

Developing the Shape Shifter: Dennis has financial problems.

Foreboding: "God kills dinosaurs, Man kills God, Man makes dinosaurs, dinosaurs kill Man…""can't just suppress 65m years of gut instinct."

Developing characters and relationships: Malcolm and Ellie in the car.

Inner Challenge: Tim still following Alan around.

Foreshadow of the Physical Separation: they have to stop the tour.

Time Pressure: the storm approaches.

Pushing toward the Physical Separation: Dennis prepares to take flight.

Developing characters and relationships: Malcolm and Alan in the car; "I'm always on the lookout for a future Mrs Malcolm."

Physical Separation: Dennis runs; the power is turned off.

Trial 1: Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks; Alan saves the kids.

Journey to Trial 2: "be good enough to bring back my grand kids…"

Shape Shifter's Reward: Dennis is eaten.

Trial 2: Alan saves Tim.

Trial 3: The T-Rex chases Allie, Ian et al in the jeep.

Inner Challenge conquered: Alan comfortable with the kids in the tree; "what will you do now…?""I guess we'll have to evolve…"

Challenges confronted: Hammond and Ellie talking around the dinner table.

Comedic Element: the bronto sneezes.

Developing the Antagonism: Alan finds the eggs; they're breeding.

Foreshadow of the Sword: they rebooted and now they have to go and manually turn on the breakers.

Developing the Antagonism: the T-Rex and other dinosaurs are roaming free.

Meeting the Oracle: looking at the architectural drawings; they have to manually turn on the power.

Danger to the Sword: all the gates are open.

Threshold Guardian: the raptors are hunting Ellie and the gamekeeper.

Time Pressure: Ellie being guided to the power generator; Alan and the kids climbing the fence.

Near Death Experience: Ellie pursued by the Raptor; the gamekeeper eaten by a Raptor.

Reward: Timmy is alive; Alan and Ellie meet again.

Atonement with the Father: the kids are hunted by the Raptors in the kitchen.

Apotheosis: the Raptors are intelligent enough to open doors.

Ultimate Boon: Lex gets the system back online.

Refusal: the Raptors break through the glass; Hammond shouts "No!"

Magic Flight: Alan, Ellie and the kids run from the Raptors.

Rescue from Without: the T-Rex turns up and eats the Raptors.

Crossing the Return Threshold: they're not going to endorse the park.

Master of the Two Worlds: Hammond looks over his World.

Freedom to Live: Alan agrees to have kids.



by Kal Bashir