Taxi Driver (1976)


Taxi Driver (1976)

IMPORTANT: This is a very rough and general deconstruction that is meant to simply illustrate that this story follows the pattern described on the main page.

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Fade In: context: a cab in the city.

Introducing the hero: looking around the city.

Crossing into the First Threshold: walking through the door.

Threshold Guardian: the taxi office boss.

Back story and capabilities needed of the Hero: we learn about Travis; he was a marine; he can't sleep nights; low intelligence: "what's moonlighting."

Foreshadow / reference to the Supernatural Aid: Wizard in the background.

Hero in his Ordinary World: Travis is his apartment.

Reference to the Inner Challenge: wash away the trash and the garbage...

Nee Creatures in the First Threshold: Travis driving a cab now; the nightlife.

References to the Inner Challenge: the car wash; washing the cab; cleanliness etc.

Conflict in the Inner Cave: Travis rejected by the girl in the Kiss and Tell.

Inner Cave: watching the porn movie.

Physical Separation: seeing Betsy for the first time.

Developing the Romantic Challenge: Betsy in the office.

Foreshadow of the Transformation: Travis watching Betsy.

Meeting the Supernatural Aid: Wizard et al in the café.

Magical Gift: the offer of guns.

Developing the Romantic Challenge: Betsy and Tom in the office.

Trial 1: Travis asks Betsy to go on a date.

Trial 2: Travis and Betsy meet in the coffee shop.

Resistance to Trail 3: Travis calls Betsy, she resists and then agrees.

Foreshadow of the Final Conflict: Palantine in the car. Referencing the Inner Challenge: Travis says that a President should "clean up this place."

Foreshadow if the Final Conflict: Iris tries to get in the car and escape.

Trial 3: Travis takes Betsy to see a porn movie; she walks away.

Journey to the Sword: Alienation for the antihero; the flowers; stomach cancer; feeling lonely.

Seizing the Sword: being excluded; Travis is thrown out of the office.

Rebirth through a Near Death Experience: Scorsese in the car; he's going to kill his cheating wife.

Reward: Travis has made a lot of money.

Atonement with the Father: meeting with the Wizard; Travis is "really down…" "…just wants to go out and do something…" "…thinking bad things…"

Foreshadow of the Final Conflict / Pulled Forward: Palantine on TV.

Pulled Back / Reminder of the Romantic Challenge / Reminder of the Transformation: driving past Betsy.

Foreshadow of the Final Conflict / Pulled Forward: Travis bumps into Iris.

Apotheosis: loneliness has chased Travis all his life; it cannot be escaped.

Ultimate Boon: there is a change. Travis buys the guns.

Refusal of the Return: Travis gets fit. He won't destroy his body anymore.

Resisting the Pull Back to the Old Self: hesitantly watching porn again.

Building the New Self: Travis gets expert with guns.

Magic Flight: pursued by the Secret Service.

Pushing toward the New Self / Pushing toward the Final Conflict: "you talking to me…" sequence.

Becoming the New Self: killing the supermarket robber.

Reminded of the Old Self: watching TV.

Pulled toward the Final Conflict: Travis drives away from Palantine's speech.

Preparing for the Final Conflict: "don't worry about me…"; the card sequence.

Rescue from Without: throwing over the TV; Travis can't resist the pull of the Old Self.

Crossing the Return Threshold: Travis meets with Iris, Harvey Keitel et al; the bedroom scene.

Resisting the Master of Two Worlds / Final Conflict: Travis and Iris having breakfast; she doesn't want to go back.

Developing the Antagonism: Iris and Sport.

Preparing for the Final Conflict: shoe shining; sharpening the knife.

Saying Goodbye to the Old Self: burning the flowers.

New Self:: a Mohican Travis.

Final Conflict: Failing to kill Palantine's.

Final Conflict: rescuing Iris.

Freedom to Live: Medal: the letter from Iris' parents.

Freedom to Live: Inner Challenge Conquered: Travis stands alongside his buddies; Outer Challenge conquered: heard that Palantine got selected, that's OK; Romantic Challenge conquered: Betsy calls on Travis.


by Kal Bashir