Thelma and Louise (1991)


Thelma and Louise (1991)

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FADE IN: Context: Road; Middle America;

Meeting the Mentor in her Ordinary World: Louise in the cafe.

Symbol of the Transformation: smoking lessens your sex drive.

Transformed Mentor / Romantic Challenge: Louise smokes like a pro.

Meeting the Hero: Thelma in her Ordinary World: Thelma at home cooking.

Hero's Inner Challenge: I have to ask Daryl for permission.

Meeting the Interdictor: Darryl.

Developing the Interdictor: Darryl in regional manager; having an affair; asshole.

Foreshadow of the Journey: hey Thelma, when are you going to run away with me? She's running away with me.

Breaking the Interdiction: what time are you picking me up.

Time Pressure: 2 o'clock.

Hero seeks guidance from the Mentor: what kind of stuff shall I bring?

Mentor's Magic Carpet: Louise gets into her car.

Preparing fro the Journey: Thelma and Louise packing.

Developing Characters: the way both Thelma and Louise pack.

Mentor's Romantic Challenge: Jimmy's not home.

Mentor's Guidance: Thelma wants to bring the lantern etc; you don't need to bring al that.

Loop: Pre Transformation State: the joint photo.

Magic Gift / Foreshadow of the Physical Separation: the gun.

Developing the Interdiction and Interdictor: he's gonna kill you.

Leaving the Old World: in the car, leaving town.

Fish out of Water: New Self: Thelma smoking clumsily.

Threshold Marker: stopping at the intersection.

Hero pushing to the First Threshold: can't we stop for a minute.

Mentor resisting the First Threshold: no, it'll be dark soon.

Mentor pushed to the First Threshold: OK, but it's gonna be a quick stop.

Border of the First Threshold: driving to the bar.

New Creatures in the New World: people in the bar.

Mentor's Road Travelled: It's been years since I was in a place like this.

Threshold Guardian: the waitress.

Pushing to the Outer Cave: Thelma ordering some wild drinks; I've had it up to here with sedate.

Mentor Accompanies Hero: I've changed my mind, I'll have a Margarita etc.

Pushed to the Middle Cave: Harlan hits on Thelma.

Resisting the Middle Cave: Louise tells Harlan to take a hike.

Pushing to the Middle Cave: Thelma insists on having a good time.

Remembering the Old World: Thelma references Darryl and Thelma references Jimmy.

Pushed to the Middle Cave: more drinks arrive.

Pushing to the Middle Cave: lets have some fun.

Middle Cave: Thelma dances with Harlan; gets intimate and drunk with Harlan.

Resisting the Inner Cave: Louise sits down; I'm going to the girls room and then we're out of here.

Pushed to the Inner Cave: Harlan takes Thelma outside for some fresh air.

Inner Cave: Harlan tries to rape Thelma.

Resisting the [Death] Trial: Louise pulls a gun; walks away.

Pushed to the [Death] Trial: Harlan calls Louise a bitch.

[Death] Trial: Louise shoots Harlan.

Foreboding: oh my God.

Transformation Proceeds: Thelma takes the driving seat.

Forced out of the First Threshold: Thelma and Louise rush from the scene of the crime.

Obstacle to the Escape: the truck; fucking asshole.

No Way Back: who's going to believe us if we go to the police.

Foreboding: Louise sick; Thelma crying.

Border of the World of the Transformation: arriving at the café.

Resisting the Transformation / Developing Characters and Relationships / Conflict: so this is all my fault is it?

Wishing For / Pulled Back to the Old World: Thelma rings home; Darryl out.

Meeting the Antagonism: Hal inspects Harlan's body and questions the waitress.

Antagonism dissuaded from the Journey: neither of those two was the murdering type Hal.

Mentor's Romantic Challenge: Jimmy still not in.

Physical Change: Louise notices a mark on her face.

Pushing to the Transformation: come on, Louise, where are we going?

On the Road to / Pulled to the World of the Transformation: driving on the freeway.

Fish out of Water: Thelma loses some money; shit, $41.

Resisting the World of the Transformation: arguing in the hotel room.

Pushing toward the Trials: Louise calls Jimmy and asks him to wire $6700.

Forced to the World of the Transformation: Thelma! Get in the car!

Developing the Antagonism: an APB on Thelma and Louise; letting the Bureau in on this.

Transformation Progressing: Thelma realises that she should be mad at Darryl.

Foreshadow of the Conscious Decision: Louise is going to Mexico; are you with me Thelma?

Learning of Trial 1: Jimmy tells Louise where to go to collect the money.

Transformation Progressing: Thelma buys some drinks.

Creatures of the World of the Transformation: what are you looking at?

Pushed back to the Old World: Louise tells Thelma to call home.

Refusing the Old World: Thelma tells Darryl to fuck himself.

Meeting the Shape Shifter: Thelma bumps into JD.

Resisting the Shape Shifter: Louise doesn't want JD to come along.

Conscious Decision: How long before we're in Mexico?

Developing the Antagonism: Hal doing a search in his office.

Shape Shifter's Necessity: did you see his butt?

Resisting the Shape Shifter: Louise is not in the mood for company.

World of the Transformation: I need you to find all the secondary roads to Mexico.

Mentor's Backstory: I don't want to have to go through Texas.

Developing the Antagonism: Hal searches in Louise's apartment.

Marker of the Road of Trials: crossing the train track.

Celebrating the Crossing into the Road of Trials: Thelma and Louise singing in the car.

Developing the Antagonism: Hal arrives at Louise's work – the café.

Shape Shifter joins the Journey: Thelma begs.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Hal questions Darryl.

Hero's Romantic Challenge: Thelma talks to JD in the car; she has not slept with anyone but Darryl.

Foreshadow of the Resolution: Louise avoids the cops; JD realises that the girls are avoiding the police.

Developing the Antagonism: Hal phones in to his boss; relates what they've known so far.

Resisting Trial 1: you two better say your goodbyes.

Pushed toward the Trial: Jimmy turns up at the hotel in Oklahoma.

Resisting Trial 1: Jimmy forces JD to leave.

Pushed toward the Trial: the girls get a room

Trial 1: [the hotel sequence]

Louise counts the money and gives it to Thelma.

Thelma talks about her relationship with Jimmy:

Louise tells Thelma to guard the money.

Thelma won't tell Jimmy what's going on.

Jimmy gives Louise a ring.

JD knocks on Thelma's door.

Transforming: Louise tells Jimmy to let go.

JD gets tactile.

JD relates how he robs liquor stores and kisses her.

Louise asks Jimmy if he remembers how they met.

Transforming: Thelma sleeps with JD.

Transformed: Louise didn't sleep with Jimmy (she let go).

Transformed: Jimmy says all the right stuff at breakfast.

Louise keeps the ring.

Goodbye to the Old Self: Louise gives Jimmy a kiss goodbye.

Waitress: it's a good thing he left when he did, we thought we were going to have to put out a fire.

Transformed: Thelma walks into the café; you look different…

Oh my God Thelma, where's the money.

JD has taken the money.

Pushed to Trial 2: Louise cries.

Transformed: Thelma tells Louise not to worry about it; takes charge.

Developing the Antagonism: Darryl is going to help entrap Thelma.

Trial 2: [robbing the store]:

Stopping outside the liquor store.

Creatures in the World of Trial 2: the old lady looking out of the window.

Thelma robs the liquor store.

Escaping the World of Trial 2: driving away.

Developing the Antagonism: Hal watches the footage of the robbery.

Resisting Trial 3: hey Louise, slow down a little bit.

Foreshadow of the Atonement: the truck driver gets dirty.

Developing the Antagonism: the police catch Jimmy returning.

Washing off the Old Self: Louise washes herself.

Creatures of this World: The old man.

Losing the Old Self: Louise gives the old man her jewellery.

Resisting going back to the Old World: Louise tells Thelma they won't believe what they say.

Mentor's Backstory: how do you know about this stuff anyway?

Transformed: where did you get this? I stole it.

Threshold Marker: the biker passing; the road.

Shape Shifter Revealed: JD pulled in and interrogated by Hal.

Developing Characters and Relationships / Conflict between Old and New Mentors: JD provokes Darryl.

Trial 3: Thelma calls home; they're tapping the phone; Louise speaks to Hal.

Forced to Transform: Hal knows they're going to Mexico; JD told them; you gotta stop being so open, Thelma.

Developing the Antagonism: Hal et al watching Darryl's TV.

Developing Characters and Relationships: Thelma always wanted to travel; in the car.

Rest Break: just driving in the car.

Rest Break: appreciating the silence and the crickets.

Foreshadow of the Atonement: they meet the truck driver again.

Comedic Catharsis: Thelma thinking of Harlan's face.

Mentor's Backstory: Thelma realises that Louise was raped in Texas.

Meeting the Oracle: State Police officer pulls the girls over.

Seizing the Sword: Thelma pulls a gun on the officer; take the belt and the glasses.

Transformed: Thelma tells Louise to blow up the radio; no the police radio!

Transformed: Thelma takes the driving seat.

Developing the Antagonism: Hal says that their luck will run out.

Reward: Thelma happy that they made the decision they made; having more fun; not sorry.

Near Death Experience:

They're going to have to charge them with murder; Hal et al have got their location.

Hal wants to make sure they don't get shot; he knows what happened to Louise in Texas.

Louise tells Thelma she's not making any deals; Jimmy's not an option; Thelma can't go back.

They've got to figure out if they want to come in dead or alive.


New World: it's green out there now.

I feel awake; I don't remember feeling this awake; we could change our names; change our jobs.

Atonement with the Father:

They meet the truck driver; you girls about ready to get serious.

I think so; follow us; going off road.

The truck driver doesn't apologise; Thelma and Louise blow up the truck.

The mountain bike rider finds the state police officer.


Hal et al find the truck; Thelma and Louise now classified armed and dangerous; serious threat.

Pushed toward the Resolution: They have to get off the freeway.

Magic Flight: The police pursue.

Ultimate Boon: they lose some of the cops.

Refusal: I know this whole thing was my fault.

Foreboding: silent and dark towards the unknown.

Completely Transformed: Thelma lights a cigarette like an expert.

Foreshadow of the Master of Two Worlds: you're a great friend.

Rescue from Without: the Grand Canyon brings them to a dead halt.

Hal's 'copter confronts them.

The State Police block their way back.

Final Antagonism: the police arm themselves.

Master of the Two Worlds:

Hal begs Max et al to restrain themselves.

Max restrains Hal

Freedom to Live: lets not get caught; lets just keep going.

They jump.

Hal runs after them.

Loop: when they took the photo of themselves.



by Kal Bashir