Executing Character Arc Advanced Worksheet

Character arc is one of the fundamental processes underpinning story. This is one of those things you have to know how to do. Character arc references the character's change and goes hand-in-hand with arc, which references moving away from something, towards something and letting go. Character arc is a reflection of arc. Character / arc goes hand in hand with theme and structure. It's critical.

Character arc can extend through multiple stories, a series or sequels. For example, Walter White's character in BREAKING BAD changes incrementally across episodes and series.

Character arc includes tragedy - the character starts at the top and arcs down.

This advanced worksheet, through step-by-step example, guides you through the process. There are more than enough steps to easily complete your first draft screenplay.

It shows you:

  • How the character changes from one state to another.
  • How the character starts as one creature and ends as another.
  • How the character starts with one view and ends with another / opposite view.
  • How the character grows, from a lower moral ground to a higher one.
  • How the character starts off incomplete / unwhole. And ends complete / whole.
  • How the character starts off with one status and ends up the opposite status.
  • How the character's state, at any point, is reflected in the character's world and attachments.
  • When the character makes choices, that pull him away from one side and toward the other.
  • How, as the character changes, so s/he changes other characters, who move either toward or away from the main character and its representations.
  • How the character changes from Who He Is to Who He Becomes.
  • How the he character pulls away from the things which represent Who He Was and moves towards the things which represents Who He Becomes.
  • And much more.



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