Looking at the process from the point of view of Two Physical Journeys helps see things clearly and makes visualising and writing the story much, much easier.

  • Not to be confused with the physical and psychological journeys.
  • Not to be confused with the outer and inner journeys.
  • Ideal if you have previously purchased an advanced worksheet.
  • Helps visualise story in two distinct sections (not to be confused with Two Acts).
  • Help getting through a traditional Act II much easier.
  • Includes classic archetypes.
  • Includes an origin story.
  • Distinguishes between antagonist and villain.
  • Includes fish out of water and belonging principles.
  • Includes premise and theme principles.
  • And much, much more.

This Advanced Worksheets requires that you first purchase and accept the principles contained within the 2100+ stage Hero's Journey / Transformation / New World template, which is a separate and distinct purchase.

Once you make a successful credit card payment, the download location and password will automatically appear on your screen.

This is a separate and distinct purchase from all other products and advanced worksheets and deconstructions on the website.