Screenwriting, Screenplay, Story Structure, Hero's Journey Silence of the Lambs (1991)

The Hero's Journey is THE template upon which most successful stories and screenplays are built upon. The following is a summary deconstruction Silence of the Lambs - Academy Award Winner Best Film (1991).

Introduce Hero and Capabilities [Clarice tackling the FBI assault course].

Herald brings the Call to Adventure [Jack Crawford sends Clarice to visit Lecter (her Supernatural Aid)].

Threshold Guardian [Dr Chiltern obstructs Clarice's visit to Lecter].

Refusal [Lecter refuses to help].

Overcoming Refusal [Lecter's cell mate is rude and causes Lecter to help Clarice by way of apology]. Lecter sends Clarice to the First Threshold [the garage].

Physical Separation / Belly of the Whale [Lecter says he'll help Clarice catch Buffalo Bill].

Antagonism developed [Buffalo Bill kidnaps senator's daughter].

Transformation / Road of Trials x 3 [Clarice controls the police officers; analyses the dead body in Clay County ; learns about the cocoon].

Resistance to the Meeting with the Oracle [Dr Chiltern obstructs Clarice from seeing Lecter before he is moved].

Journey to the Sword [Lecter journeys to meet the Senator].

Seizing the Sword [Clarice gets the info she needs, which Lecter has written in the case files; Clarice learns the significance of Silence of the Lambs].

Rebirth through Death [Lecter escapes and kills].

Reward [Clarice knows Lecter will not come after her].

Atonement with the Father [Clarice learns that Buffalo Bill can only covet what he sees].

Apotheosis [he's making a skin suit].

Ultimate Boon [Crawford has (allegedly) found Buffalo Bill].

Refusal [Crawford tells Clarice not to come to Chicago but go to Belvedere instead].

Magic Flight [Senator's daughter attempts to escape].

Rescue from Without {Clarice directed toward Mrs Lipman].

Crossing the Return Threshold [Clarice enters buffalo Bills House].

Master of the Two Worlds [Clarice and Buffalo Bill gun battle].

Freedom to Live [medals, graduation, Lecter confirms he has no plans to call on Clarice].

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