Road Trip (20 Parts) Advanced Worksheet

This advanced worksheet intricately traverses through the Road Trip in 20 parts (20 x 5 pages = 100).

The Road Trip process applies to all kinds of journey, even in limited locations. What you're doing is using tools and techniques to carry characters through the parts and change them and character relationships.

    This advanced worksheet shows you (and therefore helps you write):

    • Benchmarks characters in their states.
    • Benchmarks opposing characters in worlds (or parts of the road trip).
    • Kindles change.
    • Detaches characters from their tribes.
    • Forces characters through provocative situations to change them.
    • De-polarises character relationships.
    • Develops appreciation for opposite strengths and weaknesses.
    • Teaches lessons.
    • Shows reversal.
    • And much more.

    This is a 63 page advanced worksheet.

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