Advanced Worksheet

A seriously advanced worksheet:

  • Separates the arcs out according to provocations.
  • Shows the flaws arcs.
  • Shows the pro-theme arcs.
  • Shows the anti-theme arcs.
  • Shows the pro-premise arcs.
  • Shows the anti-premise arcs.
  • Shows the theme and premise archetypes.
  • Contained locations.
  • Shows how provocations and antagonist archetypes are separate.
  • And much, much more.
  • This advanced worksheet is 36 pages long.

This Advanced Worksheets requires that you first purchase and accept the principles contained within the 2100+ stage Hero's Journey / Transformation / New World template, which is a separate and distinct purchase.

Once you make a successful credit card payment, the download location and password will automatically appear on your screen.

This is a separate and distinct purchase from all other products and advanced worksheets and deconstructions on the website.