Old Way vs New Way Advanced Worksheet

This is also a central concept in storytelling.

Worlds and characters are representative of the Old Way, which represents the Way Things Are Now and soon Will Have Been. In other words, as the change progresses, so the Way Things Are will increasingly dissolve away into the past.

Triggers (which we can call Supernatural Forces) will push forward towards the New Way.

As the Old Way is increasingly left behind, so the Older Beliefs and Thematic Positions will also be left behind.

As the New Way increasingly Comes To Be, so the Newer Beliefs and Thematic Positions will come to be.

The Old Way doesn't die easily and will resist the onset of the New Way. Pull forces work against push forces.

Understanding this process helps in innumerable ways. For example, archetype symbolism will represent the Old Way, the New Way, and as change occurs, the migration from the Old Way to the New Way.



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