LIMITED LOCATIONS Advanced Worksheet

This advanced worksheet shows you how a very successful story journeys through, and is designed around, limited locations.

Limited locations reduce cost and thus make finance and production more likely. Limited locations help the creative process.

Limited locations are defined as:

  • A limited number of locations.
  • Locations that are common and ordinary.
  • Locations that are easy to design.
  • Locations that are inexpensive to set up.
  • Locations that are easily accessible.
  • Locations which give the illusion of being somewhere larger and more complex.
  • Locations that are small parts of somewhere larger and more complex.
  • Using the journey between locations as locations.
  • Using multiple parts of a location.
  • Using similar locations for different purposes at multiple parts of the story.
  • and similar.


This is a 30 page, 35 sequence advanced worksheet.

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