Belief Advanced Worksheet

Belief is a central concept in storytelling and relates intricately to theme.

In essence, a character starts as Who He Is as a result of some belief. His (or her) world is a reflection of that belief, allies are aligned because of the same belief and antagonisms are misaligned because of another belief.

The character's ordinary world represents the starting-belief and the new world represents the other belief and the character is pulled into the new world, where the starting-belief dissolves away and the character learns to believe in the other way.

On a superficial level, this seems like a religious type story structure - the character may start not believing (has lost his faith) and ends up believing (rediscovers his faith). But look a little deeper and you see that this covers a basic principle - for example, your character may start pro-government and end anti-government, or your character may start a romantic optimist and end a romantic pessimist.

Whatever belief your character starts with, the process of getting to the other belief is the same.


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