11 x 10 Pages

100 pages, 105 pages, 110 pages, 120 pages - it can all seem daunting.

One method to ease the screen/writing journey is to split the process up into sections. But it's not just about sub-division, it's about knowing what to do in each section.

Further, this method overcomes writing blocks:

  • You can envisage writing 10 pages - it's liberating. Whereas the thought of writing 110 pages may cause you to block.
  • You can envisage writing 10 pages a day for 11 days to complete your first draft - it's liberating. Whereas the thought of 110 pages as one great monolith can cause you to not write anything for months.

This method is helpful in many other ways too:

  • It takes you through core sections of the cycle.
  • It uses a core set of archetypes.
  • It mirrors the 11 Worlds method.

And much more.


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